trench coat for ladies

Once again many thanks for your interest in my family and a wonderful journey through the battlefields.. I did not know anything about the New Zealand and Australian troops and that was lovely to go with other people of like minds. The excellent research which you carried out on my great uncle Sgt.James Henry McKeich of the NZ Tunnelling Company and my father-in-law. For you to read that beautiful poem at the side of the grave was such a wonderful emotional experience I shall never forget. We would like to express our thanks to BBJ, and in particular our guide Michael Kelly for giving us such an interesting and moving experience when we visited Belgium and France in early September. Chris’ research was so thorough and the opportunity to visit the places where our relatives spent time and fought was very moving. Looks like it was silver plated originally as the back is fully silvered where the gilt front retains some silver highlights to the numbers and lions. Sgt William Swan of the NZ Postal Corps made the trip come alive for me and enabled me to add another dimension to their lives. Rick and David especially are very interested and knowledgeable about history so Bill McQuade had lots of questions to answer. I was well prepared with my own research, but with the aid of the original trench maps provided by David along with his excellent detective work, we could stand in the exact locations in which William would have been himself. Alberta Goals – Fire Gilt Officer Cap Badge A very attractive officers cap badge to the Alberta Goals. I just wanted to say how very much we enjoyed our trip to the battlefields last week and what a superb guide Bill was. I know we submitted the details of Lt Col Snepp very late in the day so were impressed by what you had managed to find out about him in that short time, and the fact that we were able to find the farm near where he would have been. Not only was Bill a wonderful guide, he was also good company which greatly added to the pleasure of the tour. We both found it extremely informative not only your words of explanation but just seeing the terrain for ourselves. It was unfortunate that the trip was overshadowed on the final day by the sudden death of one of our fellow travellers Peter Nankivell. The blue beret was worn by RM recruits and was replaced by the green beret upon graduation from the Commando Course. Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders School of Military Piping Cap Badge A scarce cast brass badge to the A & SH MSP. AMC – Army Medical Corps Shoulder Title A scarce Canadian early war shoulder title to the AMC (predates the CAMC titles). Champions Inter-Services League Fastball Patch – Crest Craft A large multi-piece jacket crest for an RCMP ball tournament. Of course Vimy Ridge is outstanding and it made us proud to know the memorial was designed and sculptured by a Canadian. We would definately recommend the experience offered by BBJ for those wanting a personal and bespoke introduction to the legacy of the Great War. This example is missing the Tally but I have proper HMCS examples for sale should you need one to complete it. We certainly have high ratings for the trip – I think all the boys said it more than met their expectations! Note that the RCAF pocket buttons have been removed but are present in the pocket of the tunic and would need resewn. trench ocean what does trenches mean the western front trenches pictures of the mariana trench leather coat the trenche brown trench coat cheap marianastrench brown womens coat marianas trech mens long leather coats mariyana trench marianas trench location layout of the trenches meriana trench marianas trench pictures describe the trenches and no man land long black coat mens mariana trech location of mariana trench styling trench coat brown trench coat men long layout of trenches mens long brown trench coat trenches wwi hooded trench coat men mens slim fit trench coat pictures of marianas trench long brown trench coat men brown long trench coat


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