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That summer the British advanced once more across the ruin of the Somme battlefield and finally broke out of the Ypres Salient, as the German army entered a full and final retreat. Ypres and the Somme remain the two most infamous names from the British experience on the Western Front. The nature of so many of the deaths – young, patriotic men, slaughtered en masse in the giant abattoir of the Western Front – remains deeply affecting. As caption at the beginning of this film suggests, Nazi Concentration Camps is an official documentary report compiled from films made by military photographers serving with the allied armies advanced into Germany upon orders by General Dwight D. So what to do when you want capture how the soldiers really feel, without sugar coating or exaggerating or glossing over the messy stuff? I am not proud of the conspiracy to destroy the West in which I suspect the Zionists to be key players in. The lesson we have learned in reality is that whether it is a stone or a drone, technologies have been used for both good and bad. It was designed by [the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] and it’s called BrainGate – a connection that enables moving a robotic arm. We looked at military research on what they call “human performance modification,” what sports stars are allegedly using and abusing, and what college kids are using to study and test-prep. Joe Cortina also visited Dachau which is now a tourist attraction with Jewish people serving as guides and even they stated that no Jews or anyone else were gased in Dachau. But the exhaustion of British troops, forced to struggle forward through miles of deep, sucking mud created by early autumn downpours, allowed the Germans to cling on. The film shows stacks of clothes hung outside of what it would have the viewer to believe was a lethal gas chamber. This so called Holocaust, sworn by high ranking US military officials as presented in the official Nazi Concentration Camps documentary appears to be a big fat hoax. The survivors of the holocaust with only the clothes on their back got back up, got a job and paid their own bills. In tactical terms, the German Army took great care to install its defensive line on high ground, however slight, notably in Flanders. People in the book chewing gummy drugs of different kinds, different drug cocktails, that’s kind of the equivalent of the cigarettes in World War I that were the drug of choice for relief and alertness. The only verification I have is from what my grandfather told me, and I would take what he said over anything else. Former US special operations officer Joe Cortina has done extensive research and spoke with a number of Jewish people who survived Dachau concentration camp and they all confirmed that no gasing had ever taken place there. But then again, Eisenhower was pretty much responsible for the starvation of hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war and was an accomplice to perjury. Another is designed to allow you to send out your thoughts to a machine but also to work in the other direction, to help soldiers with thoughts plagued by PTSD. Just like Japanese internment camps in the US and Canada, jews (who were not already convicted paedophiles, thieves, frauds, murderers, etc), were also interned. The Germans were pushed to breaking point in the course of the battle, in which almost imperceptible rises of ground formed vital objectives that consumed thousands of lives. This includes the jews who assimilated into human society, denounced the jewish war, and did not kill humans. Yet if one accepts the grim logic of attritional warfare – that victory could be won by killing more of the enemy than your own side lost – these battles were not quite as pointless as is often made out. So ill take that apology from you morons who had no clue what you were talking about and deciding to spew Jew shit instead. womens winter trench coat colorful trench coat coats jackets ladies blue trench coat pretty trench coats trench coat with skirt hooded mac coat short black trench coat women mens long hooded trench coat trench raincoat for women mens small trench coat womens brown coat mens formal trench coat shop trench coats trench coat winter gabardine trench coat ladies top trench coats mens pea coat brown black hooded trench coat mens black long trench coat trench coats black ladies double breasted trench coat long ladies trench coat beige trench coat cheap trench coat guys black trench coats men trench coat prices trench coat for women with hood trench coats male mens black trench


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