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The revolutionaries simply couldn’t compare or come close to having the resources or opportunities to unify Germany. Bismarck was a pure leader, and stayed securely in charge at all times, with outstanding foreign policies and winning streaks that amped up nationalism in Prussia more than ever before. An example is when he tried to negotiate a compromise with the Landtag and when it started to fail, he simply sent them home and spent the money as he saw fit. пЂ­ Cavour’s free – trade treaties that improved Piedmont’s economic prosperity, involves foreign countries пЂ­ Austrians seemingly content with VE in power, as his wife and mother were Austrian, so they did not impair him, helping unification пЂ­ Victor Emmanuel II seen as savior of Piedmont – Sardinia because of his work saving the constitution from Austrian control пЂ­ Both wanted a unified Italy and didn’t want any foreign influence from Austria to Venetia and from France to Rome пЂ­ Luxembourg QuestionA turning point for BismarckThe events surrounding the Luxembourg Question were directed more by the nationalistic feelings in Germany. пЂ­ Austro – Prussian WarThis was only a test of strength against both Austria and some of the northern German states for Bismarck Clearly only in the interests of Prussia Germany was being pounded by Prussian forces too with Austria, gained joint custody of Schleswig and Holstein This did not even have the pretense of being for the benefit of the Germans who lived in Holstein. – His ability to do as he sees fit and come up with legitimate sounding reasons so it seems legal and is the right thing to do helped a lot. пЂ­ C – he wanted a constitutional monarchy and his vision was solely set upon Italy ; he was quite conservative пЂ­ M – he wanted to unify Italy as a whole to make a better representative state as well as a democratic republicanism to spread all over Europe пЂ­ Cavour pushes question of what to do with Italy to foreign powers at Vienna as only the powers could change Italy’s former status All of these factors combined to create a tragic pattern of suicidal frontal assaults that would prolong the stalemate.Р’ The casualties would be so horrible that governments modified or censored news coming from the front.Р’ This created a misinformed public and media that, thinking victory was within their grasp, would put more pressure on the generals for a quick victory.Р’ As a result, there would be more disastrous offensives more censorship to misinform the public, and so on. The fourth factor, also resulting from the Industrial Revolution and complicating matters further, was the media, in particular the newspapers.Р’ Never before had the public back home been so well informed about the progress, or lack of it, in a war.Р’ The generals had promised a quick victory, and the public and press had a close eye on how well they were doing.Р’ In the more democratic countries of France and Britain the generals found themselves under severe pressure by the public and politicians to win the war decisively and quickly.Р’ This was especially true of France, since the German lines contained northern France along with the bulk of its industries, and the French public was clamoring to get it back. Third, most generals either did not understand the nature of this new type of warfare or felt they could not afford to accept it.Р’ After all, most of these generals, many of whom were quite old, had not been able or willing to keep up on the rapidly changing technological changes transforming warfare in recent years.Р’ It is often said that generals are always fighting the last war, and nowhere did this better apply than to the generals of World War I.Р’ Before we become too critical, however, it should be pointed out that at no time in history had warfare been so thoroughly revolutionized in so short a time.Р’ The machine gun and continuous front had created a whole new ball game, but no one had a rule book by which to play.Р’ And so for four years, the generals just fumbled around the best they could while soldiers continued to die. “I crouch with them while the steel glacier rushing by just overhead scrapes away every syllable, every fragment of a message bawled in my ear. And everywhere in these desolate places I see the faces and figures of enslaved men, the marching columns pearl-hued with chalky dust on the sweat of their heavy drab clothes; the files of carrying parties laden and staggering in the flickering moonlight of gunfire; the “waves” of assaulting troops lying silent and pale on the tapelines of the jumping-off places “the ruddy clouds of brick-dust hang over the shelled villages by day and at night the eastern horizon roars and bubbles with light. But the bayonet has practically lost its importance.Р’ It is usually the fashion now to charge with bombs and spades only. The role of and the sad fate of COs could be an interesting area to explore in class as well as the transforming power of literature (cf Mr. пЂ­ War between piedmont and Austria, nationalism promoted in piedmont by fear of Austrian dominance пЂ­ Piedmont involved itself in the Crimean War in hopes of recognition, received little at first from the powers. Their mouths and noses were stuffed with sawdust so that they suffocated.Р’ Some of the recruits have bayonets of this kind; we take them away and give them the ordinary kind. long red trench coat trench coat buy online long women coats denim trench coat down winter coats trench cape suede coats best trench coat for men trench style mens leather trench coat ladies wool trench coat trench coats for ladies trench coat mens full length buy womens trench coat trench coats for women on sale trench coat black womens trench coat brand trench coat color womens red hooded trench coat black long trench coat men designer trench coat men men trench coat with hood ladies beige trench coat mens long brown coat guys trench coat mens grey wool trench coat hooded trench coat for women trench coat women cheap skater trench coat long brown coat


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