the trench game

eCoustics has links to reviews, articles, discussions, and yet more links (!) across the web, categorized by type of equipment (Camcorders, VCRs, home audio, etc.). Nearly all the business people in the City ” comprez ” a little English and one can buy almost anything ( at a French price ) which is, as I have long ago discovered, whatever they think you are mug enough to pay. Not a blade of grass, not a green tree, in fact not a whole tree for they have all been shattered with shells. Like ” Johnny Walker ” still going strong, & things are not at all too bad, the weather on the whole is fairly decent, but of course we get our full issue of rain and one never actually expects to get home dry, no matter how brilliantly the sun may be shining early in the day. You should hear my French, I speak it quite easily now, but the Froggies have a lot of difficulty in understanding. I have been seeing lots of the country per foot lately, & at present it looks ” tres bon ” the crops grow right up to the roadside, there being no fences at all. By the way this stable is the most important part of the pub, the rest consists of a heap of manure, a kitchen in which are three or four glasses and a barrel of what looks like beer, but tastes more like vinegar water, which the old woman doles out. I have not long to catch a mail which I have only just found out is going away so will have to write hurridly. It has been a great spell after months of hard work, with nothing better to be seen than mud and shell holes. The Frog Cockies ( Australian slang for farmers, my comment ) are cutting the hay at present, they use something like a small scythe & a hook and manage to get through a few square yards daily if lucky, the rest of the fields are green with potatoes and beans. Here the locals are peacefully working in green fields all ablaze with flaming red poppies, the banks of the creeks, whose waters are clear & crystalline, are overgrown with pink and purple convolvuli & the fruit trees are in full blossom, moreover we are getting most beautiful sunshine weather. I have written you quite a number of letters earlier but do not know what ones you are likely to receive for we have heard that some of the mails have been lost. The latest ” oil ” direct from England ” The end of the war in measurable distance ” so says our Brigadeer General, I am just wondering they measure with telescopes or not. You are granted a nonexclusive right to reprint, link to, or frame this material for educational purposes, as long as all authorship, ownership and copyright information is preserved and a link to this site is retained. There has been no mail from Australia lately, we are all waiting one anxiously for it is now overdue, but I expect will be here any time now. It has infiltrated several legitimate websites such as and a mobile phone review website These websites no longer produce the infected Flash Player Update notification. "A critical security update has been released and you are required to update your flashplayer" As a filmmaker, I found the level of confusion to be irritating; as an engineer, I found the FUD infuriating. The update notification emanates from a separately launched browser tab in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and dishonestly proclaims: The red, black and gray colors are designed to mimic those of the familiar Adobe Flash Player update notification that launches from your system tray and never from your browser, as this fake warning does. In any case, the word gets out: confusion gets reduced, the straight dope gets spread around, and people can rest more easily at night. We are at present living in a two horsepower village & my particular home is part of a stable at the back of a public house, a horse, a pig, and a goat are some billet companions, but as they say here ” Ca ne fait rein! No letters from Australia for a while & I am beginning to think that some letters have gone astray also. I am once again in a new part of the country and of course all this means new scenery and objects to gaze upon but one has got so tired of these changes lately that I am afraid a lot of the novelty of view hunting has died down. Again I am able to write to you, but after eliminating those things to which the censor would object, there remains little to write of. winter jackets ladies trench company pea coat sale navy coats for women what was life in the trenches like life in the trenches ww2 jacket and coats for women front line trenches womens winter coats and jackets gallery trench coat coat women winter trench water coat online narrow trench small trench trench excavation support trenches life in the trenches for kids womens red winter coat trench conditions trenche peacoat jacket women womens trench work trench coat style trench coat front line trench buy coats jacket coat sale ww2 trenches coat shop


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