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Oddly, though the Habsburgs were dethroned and Austrian chauvinism had been a main instigator in starting the war, they got off rather lightly. It is also a place to contemplate why Hungarians have been the lesser partner in their historic relationship with the Austrians. Even in smaller, out of the way places, Hungary’s vast natural resources were supporting the Austrians. Such concerns were undoubtedly not a priority for actresses Charlotte Rampling, Catherine Deneuve or Charlotte Gainsbourg. At first it seemed the Austrians had received the worse end of the deal, annexed as it was by the Nazis, while the Hungarians actually gained lands in Slovakia and Transylvania. A geographical situation where they were considered part of Eastern Europe and thus under the Soviet sphere of influence would decide Hungary’s fate for decades to come. Two-thirds of historic Hungary’s population and people were taken away due to the provisions of the post-war Treaty of Trianon. The middle of the XX century has been on the history of the trench coat, like the time of his promotion of Hollywood stars, who, it should be noted, have helped to bring into vogue and T-shirts and tank tops, and And many other types of clothing. The trench coat continued to be used to signal a sassy mannishness – Katharine Hepburn wore an outsized trench coat in The Iron Petticoat, for example – right up until Audrey Hepburn’s feminisation of the garment. The raglan sleeves came with wrist straps, the D-ring at the waist was used to hook on ammunition packs and other equipment and the storm flap at the shoulder, while letting the rain run away from the body, also helped soften rifle recoil. The aristocracy tried to fight off the vicissitudes of mass suffrage, labor movements and democratic socialism. Suddenly, the Hungarians were in the ascendant, while the Habsburg led Austrians were just trying to keep the empire afloat. Ideological power struggles and geo-political machinations would seem to have little to do with such a sleepy place. As part of the Warsaw Pact, like Czechoslovakia and Poland further north, they were used to keep NATO and the west far away from the borders of the Soviet Union. For these reasons, Hungary’s Great War experience demands a provocative, illuminating exhibition at the National Military Museum. In one sense this is understandable since the Habsburgs ruled over parts or all of Hungary for over three hundred years. But it is a British invention, belonging jointly, despite their rivalry over it, to Aquascutum and Burberry. Meanwhile, Vienna’s glittering reputation was beginning to fade, beset by the dark forces of radical ideologies and counter-culture. In later decades, Kate Moss modelled the style in advertising campaigns for Burberry, while Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) also became fans. The Hungarians must have felt this to be one of the unkindest cuts of all in a treaty that left their kingdom drawn and quartered. Meanwhile, Hungary became the breadbasket of the Dual-Monarchy, its fertile lands feeding the Empire. One of the oldest army garments still widely worn, the trench coat was devised as a means of keeping the endless mud off uniforms in the trenches of World War I, although it was allowed to be worn only by officers. The post-World War II period might have seen Hollywood leading men and sometimes ladies – the likes of Robert Mitchum, Ava Gardner and Humphrey Bogart – trying to pass off the trench coat as somehow quintessentially American (not to mention, the default choice of the hardbitten film-noir detective type). Overtime the trench coat served different meanings; flip flopping from fashion statements, to a forbidden symbol of mafia members. No longer was Fertorakos part of the centuries old drama of Austria versus Hungary or Austria-Hungary. trench coats for women sale green trench coat women red trench coats womens raincoat fashion trench coat coats online winter coat for women sale tan trench coat women spring trench coat short trench coats spy coat womens trench coat sale trench coat on sale black trench leather winter coats for women ladies winter capes womens winter parka sale jacket and coat sale cute raincoats for women womens jackets with hoods best rain jackets for women winter leather coats for women womens mac coat trench coats on sale overcoats for women long black trench coat designer trench coats plus size trench coats womens rain coat trench coat for sale


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