Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to Joy for all the additional information she traced relating to George T Loveley that I will pass onto to his great niece. Bill was able to explain to us in detail the role of the Doctor in the casualty clearing stations and how it changed from the role in the trench to when the KOSB advanced from Ypres eastwards. I found this really important to put together what they were trying to achieve and from discussions with Bill, if he had survived that operation, there is a good chance that he would have made it back home safely. As for the food on the trip it was exquisite and exciting In anticipation what was on the menu next at any time of the day. Again thank you and your staff for making my Battlefields tour an experience never to be forgotten, please pass on my best wishes to Bill for me. Our group were a varied mob but all lovely people and I believed we all considered everyone else’s situation and thoughts at different locations as the days went by. Since a worker is needed to guide one end of the plate as it is being lifted and moved over a trench or hole by a backhoe, excavator, forklift or other heavy equipment, a danger of serious injury exists. The employee will not be using his or her hands and feet to try to maneuver the heavy steel plates into place, which is the number one injury on open trench jobs. I have just about recovered from the above visit that has been another emotional but rewarding experience. We were able to see the River Lees at Kurnne which was effectively the place that cost H.P his life as the KOSB battalion, that he was attached to as the Medical Officer, were ordered to take the bridge. I designed an extended, magnetic safety tool that maximizes one’s distance from the plate as it’s being moved. The employee is at a safe distance from the steel plate and the open trench insuring safer working conditions and injury from the floating steel plate. They did so within a few days, but he was shot while tending to the injured during shell fire for which he was postumously awarded the Military Cross. The Plate Mate tag line is intended as a safety tool when working with steel trench plates and open trenches along highway’s and city streets. I find myself reflecting & am spreading the word about the War and a battlefield trip is a must for everyone. I am sure you know but I just want to reiterate that he is a credit to your company and an invaluable asset. The open trenches must be safely covered with steel plates to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from unsafe conditions. I hope I have the opportunity to pass business your way in the future as it is the only way in my opinion to see and experience the area we covered, a big coach would leave me a bit cold after your tour arrangements. NXP and Freescale combine to bring complete solutions to your design challenges in RF, Security, Connectivity, Automotive, Analog, Sensors and Networking Would Joy be prepared to research his military history for me please for which I would be pleased to settle her account. Sorry, this is long overdue; allow me to extend to you a well deserved thank you for a wonderful and eventful Normandy Tour this June. As you know Jack laid a wreath at the Menin Gate Memorial Service and was ably assisted and guided by Bill. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the personal attention, care and assistance given to us by Bill. Bill has been informative, thorough with the right balance of humour with the ability to answer all queries. You are purchasing the domain name only and for the exclusive rights to use and enjoy that domain in the future. life in the trenches wwi british trench wwi trench life trenches of the world support trench trench wwi spring jacket womens wool coat sale mariana s trench womens winter vest with hood british trenches women overcoats trench water french trenches daily life in the trenches ladies jacket with hood trench lines soldiers in the trenches trench fighting ladies hooded coat reserve trenches wwi life in the trenches marion trench diseases in the trenches trenches ww2 what was life in the trenches like german trenches women winter coat sale support trenches mariana trench pictures


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