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Airports are perforce located at a considerable distance from the downtown district of a city and it naturally follows that the larger the city the more inaccessible will be the airport or air terminal. In connection with these latest experiments, a valuable peacetime use of the flying tank principle suggests itself. The plane will deposit the tank at a desired post and then return to bring up others, or engage in other maneuvers. The Christie speed tank which has been already acquired by the United States government bears testimony to that advantage. At a hundred yards the tank will be going fast enough to rise the moment the power is transferred from the wheels to the propeller, no matter on what kind of surface the tank is traveling. In the minds of prospective air passengers the immediate accessibility of bus and railroad facilities contrast pleasantly with the annoyance attendant on purchasing a ticket, riding out to a field, transferring to a plane and repeating the performance at the flight destination. We will be superfluous even to ourselves, we will grow older, a few will adapt themselves, some others will merely submit, and most will be bewildered;–the years will pass by and in the end we shall fall into ruin. One, and the most frequently heard of, is to build airports in the heart of a city, by utilizing the tops of large buildings with or without the aid of catapult launching devices, by spanning whole blocks of streets with wide bridge-like structures or spanning convenient rivers in a similar manner. When he switches from being a pilot to being a chauffeur he will know his land speed, both on the caterpillar tracks and on wheels, whichever he may choose to bring into use. The airplane of today is hardly suited to operating under the conditions just outlined and therefore this otherwise attractive solution of the problem must, for the time being at any rate, be abandoned as a serious consideration. ” All that the man at the controls has to do is to start the wheels of the caterpillar in motion and adjust them to the air speed. Several of my flying friends have told me that many army planes require three-quarters of a mile of prepared ground for a runway and they insisted that my machine would need a still greater starting space. To bring an air terminal into the heart of a city would not only result in air traffic at an altitude we are obliged to regard as unsafe, but would further imply taking off and landing over these crowded centers. Eight large wheels are provided on the tank, with twin pneumatic tires over which the caterpillar tread fits. Robert Sheard is the NY Times best-selling author of two financial books: The Unemotional Investor and Money For Life . It is a universal suffering Paul experiences and describes for us, and the somber, dark, understated ending is unforgettable. This section of the website of the Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust aims to show something of life in the trenches throughout the First World War using a variety of photographic and published sources including diaries from the Liverpool Scottish collection. Leaving our baggage at the checking counter, we then repair to the excellent restaurant to obtain a light meal and pass the time until our plane time arrives. Work is still taking place on this virtual exhibition and it has been placed on the web so that we can get feedback from visitors. He currently directs the Speech and Debate program at Durham Academy, but is also returning to writing. If he wants to liberate the tank from the wings, he has only to press a lever and that operation is completed in a jiffy. And men will not understand us–for the generation that grew up before us, though it has passed these years with us already had a home and a calling; now it will return to its old occupations, and the war will be forgotten–and the generation that has grown up after us will be strange to us and push us aside. Another course is open and fantastic as it may appear at first glance the idea has been approached a number of times and there are no serious difficulties in the way. Such a combination would enable passengers to enter the cabin at a central depot in the city itself, travel out to the field (in extremely large cities where the passenger traffic justified the expense, on special roads) and there be instantaneously attached to the airplane portion of the combination to proceed by air to its destination. 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