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(This adoption meant that the states voluntar­ily surrendered key portions of their sovereignty—again an enormously wise example of self-abnegation.) There was another reason why American colonization, in the form of new states, strengthened the Union—unlike the case of the earlier Greek and European examples. Most of the immigrants would naturally come from nearby states, but anyone could enter from any state—and did. These strong, political ties were not, as in the case of the European colonies, to a single segment of the colonizing culture, but to the culture as a whole. The consequences showed what might have happened if the United States had been broken up into half a dozen spheres of influences. As we visited the battlefields and grave sites, we were able to learn about what the different symbols on the graves represented, what the meanings of the different memorials and statues are, and the background of some of the soldiers’ lives in the war. Unfortunately, the states while they had still been colonies, had imported black slaves from Africa and created a master-slave society where none need have existed. The new states, like the Greek colonies, had equal status with the mother states, but unlike the Greek colonies maintained strong political ties with the colonizing power. This was especially poignant whilst looking at the names on the memorial and knowing that this was main road that the soldiers, including my Great-Great Uncle, would have walked to go back to the front line. Not only was a cause of rivalry removed, but the cen­tral legislative body, the Congress, had in this way gained something. What really happened was that one of the states without western claims, Maryland, refused to join the Union even under the weak terms of alliance that had existed during the Revolutionary War until all western claims were abandoned and the western lands turned over to the weak and almost powerless Congress. The unwisdom of this decision went far to neutralizing all the wisdom that had gone into, the establishment of a working Union. The ceremony began with ‘the Last Post’ and visitors were given the opportunity to pay their respects and lay a wreath. However, at the same time seeing a picture beforehand does not prepare you for the emotions you feel when you see it first hand. No state would be the superior of another because it was older or because it had been one of the original thirteen. For me, this cemetery was so special because of the thoughtfulness and consideration given to how it was planned and presented. We learnt about the way people of different nationalities and religions were buried and how the gravestones differ. It is very difficult to describe the emotions that I felt and even now I struggle to put them into words. Like the United Nations, the early Congress would not levy taxes but had to wait, hat in hand, for contributions from the states that made up the Union— contributions that came reluctantly, sparingly, or not at all. The grounds and gravestones are regularly maintained and it is set in beautiful surroundings which are calm and peaceful. By that Ordinance, it was decided that when population reached a certain level, new states would be formed out of the Northwest Territory and these new states would be equal to the old ones in all political and social respects. The embittered memory of defeat did not result in further revolts or in a guerrilla movement or a long-lived independence drive or appeals to foreign powers. The discords and dangers to which that would have given rise are clearly shown through the one case where blocs did form, but in a manner that did not arise out of the way in which the new states were formed. As time went on, some of the states outlawed slavery and a growing hostility arose between them and the other states that permitted it. Congress was so weak in the years following the Revolutionary War that it was almost a negligible quantity, as the United Nations is today. Central Intelligence, the shadowy organization of which he was now a reluctant member, had been working night and day to neutralize the damage. black trench coat with hood ladies down coat womens tan trench coat hooded red trench coat womens navy trench coat black raincoat womens trench raincoats a trench coat womens white trench coat cute trench coats for women buy trench coat online long raincoats for women womens sale coats winter ladies jackets rain trench coat for women designer trench coat navy trench coat womens trench coats online coat with hood women womens beige trench coat peacoat sale ladies short trench coat long black trench coat women padded coats for women white winter coat women ladies coats on sale ladies leather trench coat trench coat with hood women g e t trench coat single breasted trench coat women


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