service trenches

In response to views re: the character and limitations of post-WWII aircraft, legendary air warfare expert, Chuck Myers writes: In Afghanistan, marines moving around on foot and in vulnerable wheeled trucks are quick to call in clumbsy, too-fast fighter-bomber air strikes when Taliban rebels run into villages; causing innocent civilians to die and their relatives to join the rebellion against the central government in Kabul for revenge The bottom line reality is the USMC uses when convenient both maneuver and attrition warfare as excuses to do what it wants to do; which is racketeer maximum monies from Congress while doing as close to nothing as possible beyond sailing penny packets of troops in bloated amphib ships to do showy but military meaningless evacuations and saber-rattling. “There is no proof, at least not yet, that NCW would be effective in quickly and decisively defeating stronger and much more skilled [nation-state] opponents than the ones U.S. The pack-marines-like-sardines-in-amphibious ships racket continues unhindered despite the proliferation of thousands of anti-ship missiles, sea mines and torpedoes ready to swarm and overmatch any anti-this-or-that defenses. I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give There is nothing more for me Need the end to set me free Things are not what Бледно-розовые, телесно-розовые, РЅСЋРґРѕРІРѕ-розовые, РЅРѕ розовые. For nuclear war missions, nobody cares about gun fire vulnerability or cockpit visibility or maneuverability or affordability (or even survivability; for what?). –Lawrence Korb, He is vice president of the Council on Foreign Relations and former assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration Actual result: no tangible change in the USMC which simply states it will now die heroically gunslinging from trucks in search of COGs in lieu of dying on beaches frontally assaulting fortified position ala Iwo Jima. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – I can give you what you want If all that you want is love And baby I can give you what you need If all that you need is my love)))) One of the duties of a vassal was offering hospitality to the king and his entourage if he chose to pay a visit – which could get very expensive, since kings always travelled with a large number of guards, ministers, servants and companions befitting their status. The Zero had no armor or self-sealing fuel tanks to be absolutely light in weight for maximum maneuver (paper) to get line-of-sight to gun down its targets (scissors) and in the beginning of the war, outsped, out-climbed and out-turned all our fighters. NCW also appears not to provide much of an advantage in fighting an insurgency in the post-hostility phase of a campaign, as the current situations in Afghanistan and Iraq illustrate. This paper will argue that the community it was intended to serve based its wide acceptance largely on ignorance and a lack of intellectual rigour. Even more dubious are ideas that somehow NCW can be effective in fighting and defeating international terrorists such as al-Qaida.” As a friend of Bill Lind and most of the maneuver warfare (MW) proponents stemming from my time in the USMC, I can report that their goal was to make the marines tangibly change for the better since they tend to be narcissistic, stupid dumb asses bent on macho self and peer validation. Billy Joel – Honesty:Honesty is such a lonely word Everyone is so untrue Honesty is hardly ever heard And mostly what I need from you The USMC is not willing to do the due diligence necessary to properly and tangibly adapt to ANY type of war be it sub-national conflict or nation-state duels; its founded on the quick-sand of ad hocery and slip-shod improvisations that often fail to get the job done but have a smokescreen of false valor on tap to excuse away constant episodes of military malpractice. The walls would likely be stone, whitewashed or plastered, and hung with tapestries to keep out the draughts. Indeed, one of the purposes of such visits was to make sure the subjects were reminded who their king was, and to give him the opportunity to inspect things in person. The bottom line is the USMC is a fraudulent outfit composed of lazy slacker gunslingers bent on whatever excuse necessary to perpetuate its Iwo Jima racket. [One Republic] – [Honesty.Is what you need.It sets you free Like somone to save you.Let it go But hurry now.Theres undertow.And I don’t want to lose you now] Not MSDS,but guide for emergency services personnel at transportation incidents involving hazardous materials. The American military refuses to look at any problems on their cause-effect merits to get EXCELLENCE because a series of small successes with the racket is used to justify not having any sense of urgency to fix this problems. womens winter coat best womens winter coats quilted coats sweater coats classic trenchcoat winter jacket womens winter coats womens wool coats womens winter coats wool coats swing coats black raincoat women women in trench coats stone trench coat womens dress coats winter womens winter jacket sale gallery coats womens coats jackets long down coat military trench coats jacket coats spring jackets ladies cashmere coats english trench coat long ladies coat printed trench coat long raincoat women mens winter coats long winter coats coats and trench coats


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