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Though strike figures for France were lower than those in Britain or Italy, they nonetheless increased, despite the bombing of Paris and the continued presence on French soil of Central Powers troops. These began numbering only hundreds in Berlin, but escalated as hunger drove people into the streets. “A German officer said that the Americans came over here only to see the world and for the sake of adventure.” They had, and still have, several attachments and loyalties simultaneously, including nationality, and are simultaneously concerned with various aspects of life, any of which may at any one time be foremost in their minds, as occasion suggests. This is a wild band, not recognising discipline, making scandals, clashing with the police (recently one of the latter was killed by soldiers), freeing prisoners and so on. In Italy the war led to repressive measures against those attempting to leave a job and those advocating pacifism. Its chief militants were deported from Clydeside, but they spread the practice to other cities, notably Sheffield. In Germany, class collaboration was taken to its highest extreme with the vast majority of the representatives of the working class supporting actively imperialist policies. The war and the impact of the Russian Revolution filtered through to every level of society, raising new political ideas: The French hate us because we took Alsace and Lerraine, but you only entered the war to make sure that England and France would be able to pay you the money you had lent them. For that reason we are glad that the country is being occupied by Americans instead of French or English. Even where we find the strongest national toneВ­as among the Czech, Serbian and Italian lettersВ­we also find an overwhelming wish for social transformation. Among the activists of some of the oppressed nationalities such as the Poles and Ukrainians, the event raised hopes of reformВ­perhaps even of independence. The Socialist Party (PSI) was against the war but did little to organise real resistance to imperialism. “Schoreder has also written to me, did he not send you a clipping of Hoover’s speech in the Chicago Tribune? The workers, and the population as a whole, are gripped by some sort of madness and are like gunpowder. “[I] like the American soldier individually but do not like the nation as a whole…America entered the war for what money she could get out of it.” Row-boats were often used to deceive German U-boats, and when the letter came to render assistance concealed guns opened fire on the U-boats.” Historian Eric Hobsbawm, in his book Nations and Nationalism, cites a study which looks at a large number of letters from soldiers writing home to Austria-Hungary. In the south Wales coalfields and on the Clyde, government intransigence and repression led to strikes which spilled over into conflict with the state. “Katchen Schroder was thrown into jail from Monday to Tuesday because she told a soldier to ———. For long periods of time these different attachments would not make incompatible demands on a person. As real wages fell rapidly, the demand for peace became widespread among the masses in German society, while the Allied blockade pushed the German military establishment to continue the warВ­thus polarising German society. Men and women did not choose collective identification as they chose shoes, knowing that one could only put on one pair at a time. “They are like children and find their joy only in playing and eating which they do the whole livelong day…of course there are exceptions as in anything else, but some of these men are so far beneath, that their origin from the ape can be plainly seen upon their faces. whats a trench castiel trench coat photos of mariana trench bottom of marianas trench mens red trench coat mariane trench trenchment mariana trench ocean brown trench definition of a trench black mens coat trench depth brown leather trench coat women trench define male trench coats trench life facts brown wool trench coat ww 1 trenches marriana trench marianas trench 2014 dkny trench coat trench services what happened in the trenches the marina trench trenched meaning soldiers in trenches construction trench brown jackets for women black leather trench coat men red trench coat men


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