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In order to guide these masses into the paths of productive activity, one will have to know and be able to direct their gigantic mass of uncontrolled energy. “The girls are to blame, but one must not forget that the gentlemanly enemy are a decidedly forward people. It is not a surprise that some retreated into suspicion of the foreign, and blind clinging to jingoism. For a while, perhaps a long while, depending on the outside circumstances, workers can carry ideas that do not seem compatible with each other. In the sort of social turmoil that the war brought to all the major powers new ideas of peace and social change conflicted with old allegiances and heightened nationalist sentiment. “Many of our young girls have gone wrong since the A—– are [unclear] is almost hard to believe of some of them. People who lost faith in the war, or became weary with the sheer numbers of dead, experienced conflicting emotions: confusion and fear as well as anger. The south Wales miners who shocked their revolutionary syndicalist, and internationalist, leaders by rushing to the colours equally readily brought the coalfield out on general strike less than a year later, deaf to the accusation that they were unpatriotic. In the long term, one or the other will come to the fore, but which depends on individual experience, the level of social conflict, and the poles of attraction and options available. it was only when one of these loyalties conflicted directly with another or others that a problem of choosing between them arose. The contrast between the patriotic fervour of the first year of the war and the revolutions, in part against the war, that ultimately ended it ought to be proof that national feeling does not preclude dawning class consciousness or desire for wider change. “[I] cannot understand the general desire if the American soldier for the “Gott mit uns” belt buckles and the German Iron Crosses…[I] alone have sold more Iron Crosses to American soldiers than the Kaiser ever awarded to his subjects.” Understanding the strength of the national idea this way cuts through the notion that war proves that nationalism will always triumph over working class unity. In the name of humanity and of civilisation the class conscious proletariat of Germany protests fervently against these criminal machinations of the warmongers. “[I run] a store in Brohl, where among other things candy and cookies are sold to American soldiers…[I can] make a profit because the American soldiers will pay the price that I must ask, while the civil population would not.” But that is only because of the terribly high food prices, for the Americans eat up our little bit and pay outrageous prices…The roads are all rundown from the army autos, and people are being killed every day by crazy chauffeurs. “Since day before yesterday there has been crisis here too, among our workers; they all want to strike. supporting their own government in war seemed to ordinary workers quite compatible with demonstrating class consciousness and hostility to employers. He is furious with the whole rotten bourgeois society, furious with the stay-at-homes, in fact furious with everything at home. Once people are swung by patriotism, or won over by nationalism, it does not follow that they are wholly captured by chauvinism or that they cannot swing away from it. “Complaints, coming especially from the smaller towns, accuse the Americans of immorality and drunkedness.” We are carrying out what we have pledged ourselves to do: we do not desert the fatherland in its hour of peril. At one stroke the most powerful socialist party in the world at the time capitulated to its own ruling class and to nationalism. It is doubtful that the productive activity Braun had in mind was the revolution, but his words applied to those who would win soldiers to socialism. “The young girls complain of the requisitioning of all public buildings by the Americans thereby making any sort of recreation impossible for them. trench jacket men long mens trench coat mens blue trench coat extra long trench coat men marianas trenc brown pea coat excavated trench single breasted trench coat men the deepest trench what was a trench t rench marianas trench cover in the trench service trenches mariana trunch long brown coats trench wikipedia types of trenches marianas tranch what ocean is the mariana trench in picture of mariana trench mens trench coats on sale marianas tench marianas trench images mariana tench cheap brown trench coat where is marianas trench located trenches in wwi costume trench coat trench marianas


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