rain trench

Ever since the beginning of allied cooperation, Stalin has been pushing for the creation of a fourth front by the Western Powers. Their manner of making war is almost precisely the same, and a successful system of strategic operations for one will, in my opinion, apply to the other. In reality, this move has been coming for a long time now—ever since Mussolini declared war on France, in fact. Opening a fourth front will mean the total collapse of the German war effort and an accelerated conclusion to the conflict. If only they could have four or five months of relative peace and quiet, however, they could recover from this blow. The majority of German armored forces are engaged in the Ukraine and the Germans have strong infantry forces there too, and in Belarus and around Leningrad. “We owe our success to a system of war which has its proofs in twice changing our relations with the Arabs. This leaves the rest of Occupied Europe defended fairly sparsely, and generally by little more than Order Police and third-rate Army units. They encircle about half of the entire German panzer force, and effectively force it to break out during the Rasputitsa . The Soviets have deployed three quarters of their entire tank forces there, and use their tanks and half-tracks to squelch on through the mud and both advance and keep their troops supplied (if only barely). Mussolini is later liberated from house arrest by a German commando raid and installed as the figurehead of the puppet government in northern Italy. With the Allies at the gates of Rome, the Italian government votes Mussolini out of power and signs a peace treaty with the Allies. wherein a corpse was floated ashore in neutral but Axis-friendly Spain with convincing fake invasion plans in his pockets The Germans swallow the lie, diverting a significant force from Italy to Yugoslavia. All that is left to be decided is how many, and which, millions will die before it is over—and which parts of now-Axis Europe will go to whom. The Germans are nearing the limits of their reserves, trying to keep the Soviets from approaching ever closer to German soil. “This system, which has thus far succeeded, ought to succeed always, and to conduct us, God willing, to the peaceful possession of the country.” Instead of disseminating our Soldiers with the vain hope of protecting our frontiers with a line of small posts, we have concentrated them, to have them at all times ready for emergencies, and since then the fortune of the Arabs has waned, and we have marched from victory-to-victory. “The Turkish Soldier mounts his mule, puts his provisions upon one side and his accoutrements upon the other, and, thus equipped, sets out upon long marches, traveling day and night, and only reposing occasionally in bivouac. according to the example of the Turks, where, in the most successful experiments that have been made, the mule carries the foot-Soldier . Success or failure here, in the east, could change the length of the war by weeks—or even months. German forces are unfazed and quickly occupy the remainder of the Italian boot, setting up a puppet regime to rule in their stead; the Allied forces in Italy will take another two years to conquer the rest of the narrow, hilly and easily-defensible peninsula, their main role in the meantime being to keep German forces tied down and distracted from the real fighting in the east. As the Turks have been more successful than the French in their military operations against the Arab tribes, it may not be altogether uninteresting to inquire by what means these inferior Soldiers have accomplished the best results. Denying that Germany will win the war becomes de facto treason punishable by ex-officio lynching by people loyal to the party, but nobody in their right mind actually believes Germany will win. Even within Germany itself there is no more talk of victory—at least, not outside the official propaganda. [EDITOR: only have the minimum necessary FOBs that are operationally located to have maximum effect] trench coat for tall women goose down coats trench coat brand ladies beige trench coat mens brown dress coat big and tall trench coats denim trench coat trench coats for women on sale outerwear coats where to buy trench coat long red trench coat trench cape studded trench coat trench style trench coat black womens white trench coats for women mens raincoats long buy womens trench coat down winter coats long women coats ladies wool trench coat jackets for mens trench coat men leather mens long mac coat mens leather trench coats for sale brown winter coat sale coats trench raincoats for women overcoat mens mens coat and jackets


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