princess trench coat

The perceived trend (form) more than the average reality (substance) is what matters to influence mass behavior in a given direction. Communism and Nazism have lessons to give us about revolutionaries who work hard to achieve power and in the end manage. At most, building a Caliphate that survives decades or centuries thriving and attracting all Muslims is a pessimist Plan B, to be sadly implemented if the "big plan" fails. The key is the trend in the mind, the impact on the emotion, the persistence in the attention, the perception in the watcher, the dominant narrative in the system – more than the real facts, that too many are ignorant, lazy or superficial to check. If left unchecked and if accepted as unstoppable trend part of the "new normality", waiting it will disappear on its own – Daesh will become a Jihad superpower for real, because there are enough many naive dreamers and extremist entities wishing for this goal in the Muslim world. As branding advertisement campaigners know very well, hitting attention with congruent, striking message on constant basis is the key to win compliance in human psychology (even more in the mass "democracy", even more in a virtual media world). The general theory and the "good intention" about nation-building for a real long-term Caliphate mimicking a modern State is a "sincere", "truthful" Utopia effort, but it is more done because Allah would demand this "intention" and because the Muslims want to see it as "natural act" from good rulers, than for an authentic desire or eager hope to build a system that lasts for real. Isramerika is based in fact on the mythology without contradiction (best strategy: including, bribing and taming the contradictions – Che Guevara on the tshirt), which Daesh tries hard to disprove and interfere with its nihilism (using the same networks and language of the enemy). Probably in the future we will bring forth an even better jeep, with stronger traction and a lower silhouette. It is small for now, bigger than yesterday, and if you let it say to everyone its destiny is being the largest, it will eventually become, learning how to and recruiting whoever helps. But it is still such a weighty package that it is evident that what a man is required to carry into battle is not regulated by the necessity for relieving other types of carrier. None but a lazy mind would be content with the excuse that it is pointless to try to find an accurate answer for the load problem since troops always make such adjustments as are necessary to survival, once they are committed to combat. They were fanciful blueprints that made perfect sense in a distant future (Von Braun was in fact recruited by the US), but unrelated and useless to the cogent reality of winning the ongoing conflict. Sure, there are written plans for a long-term functional "Islamic State", but in practice all their investment of young generations and available resources is for offensive Jihad via terrorism on the short term. We can already see a successful crescendo, a progressive evolution from marginal terrorism to local sovereignty. It is this distinction which makes all of the difference between the problem of the modern army and that of the Roman Legion, or for that matter, of the army that fought at San Juan Hill. The fighting man could not even leave the boat or cross the line of departure if he had to carry everything needed to sustain him for one day of fighting. Because in a era of digital myths, the key to power is construcing new credible trends continued in time, which contradict the previous narrative, winning compliance and persuasion in the audience, paying attention to trend, growth, momentum, accumulation. For example, we know that people in poor countries that are (convinced of) getting richer are happier than people in countries that are indeed rich but that perceive (rightly or not) to be progressively impoverished. But it is less important that we make technical improvements in our combat vehicles than that we commit Unlike the overestimated Iran threat and the invented Iraq WMD – there is no doubt that a threat there is; Daesh wants mass destruction and world destruction – as fast as possible. In our times, armies have mastered the problem of developing transport which directly feeds the line of fire. This has happened overall due to well-advertised victories and well-organized persistence, which brought donations and followers. They are to be reduced but structural and neutral – any party and any society with the current technology would have them. Roughly then we can say that it takes one ton of materiel to see one man through a thirty-day campaign . mens single breasted trench coat definition of a trench male trench coats maryana trench trench depth castiel trench coat brown wool trench coat brown jackets for women trench define brown trench the marina trench black mens coat mens red trench coat trenched meaning photos of mariana trench dkny trench coat black leather trench coat men what happened in the trenches trench services trench life facts brown leather trench coat women mariane trench pacific ocean mariana trench a day in the trenches marianas trench 2014 mariana trench ocean construction trench marriana trench ww 1 trenches red trench coat men


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