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Losing the war meant losing its coastline, and utterly ceasing to exist (though the Hungarian Admiral Horthy found other things to do). In his "special order" Lieutenant-General Strecker provides a detailed list of "feats" of the soldiers from this division. Abominable customs which prevail among the "fuehrers" are apparently widespread among some soldiers. “The fall both of the little kingdoms and the great monarchies of Europe is plainly predicted in the Apocalyptic representation; for John saw in the earthquake every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. History does not furnish an example of such another revolution, – a revolution which has advanced gradually, yet irresistibly, from its first principles, – which has moulded opinion for itself, – which has never advanced a stage till it had first prepared its ground, – which has required a century for its growth, and, now that it is fully developed, has changed the aspect of the world. It comes after Charles de Gaulle is recalled as saying that France above all had lost all her young men, men she could ill afford to lose. will burst out in violent tumults and insurrections; that these will issue in a revolution of unprecedented magnitude – unprecedented both in the largeness of its sphere and the complete and radical character of its changes. Starting with the robbery of the French population, the German soldiers began to plunder one another. (*NB my thanks to the reader who pointed out that I had got this quotation slightly but importantly wrong. To watch it now, when all involved are long dead, is nearly as distressing as it would have been at the time. And then there is the end, with Germany losing all, as must happen in the wars of democracy – and we know how that story finished. the great and powerful monster, holed by an Italian torpedo, sinking at first slowly and then with a terrible, violent speed as its ship’s company try to save themselves. Both portend an entire change in the social and political fabric of Europe, – the fall of its kingdoms, the extinction of its dynasties, the alteration of its laws and forms of government. There is astonishing film of naval warfare including the German dreadnought Goeben, given to the Turks by the Kaiser (its German commander was given flag rank in the Turkish navy) and sent to bombard lovely Sevastopol. From the very beginning of the war, "commanding officers not only permitted, but in fact encouraged looting and violence. This revolution will be followed, or, more probably, accompanied, by a war of unexampled severity and horrors…. There’s amazing film of a huge German submarine built to carry cargo through the blockade; and of the sinking of the Austro-Hungarian battleship ‘Szent Istvan’ (it means ‘Saint Stephen’). It was began by the infidel writers of France, who sowed industriously the seeds which they knew would yield mighty revolutions to the world, after they should have gone to their graves. This is how Hitler supported the "spirit" and "moral" standing of a German soldier. Why Nazi command after a year after the start of the "lightning war" forced to issue multiple orders to improve morale of the troops? But there we go; that is the nature of historical debate and hopefully we all learn something from engaging in it, and long may it continue. Documents seized on the battlefield, irrefutably testify that the discipline of the fascist troops, based on a stick and a lie, is cracking. His conclusion, insofar as it is possible to summarise it in a very few words, is that British involvement was a departure from that tradition. Another work, of considerably greater length than that alluded to above, is John Charmley’s ‘Splendid Isolation. But why in this case, the Nazi Command has such a strong concern about the morale of the German soldier? green trench coat with leather sleeves italian winter coats mens black trench coat long pea coat jacket womens short coats stylish trench coat womens short trench coat mens short coats red and black trench coat cropped trench jacket womens wool pea coat hooded pea coat women ladies black coat overcoat women trendy trench coats winter coats jackets debenhams trench coat ladies spring jackets womens hooded coats vinyl trench coat transparent trench coat short winter coats pea coats women black and tan trench coat black trench coat long coats with hoods long winter coats women ladies leather trench womens pink trench coat black and red trench coat


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