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Meanwhile, mass production after the Industrial Revolution stimulated England to rapidly pioneer the settlement of vast colonies as her markets and sources of supply of raw materials. Consequently, there should not be the destructive competition for the market–caused by excessive production–nor accumulation nor consumption that hinder the whole living-purpose by partial distribution. Therefore, as previously mentioned, production, distribution and consumption in that society must have an organic relationship of give and take action, such as that among the stomach, the heart and the lungs in the human body. In this way, the Industrial Revolution carried out not only the mission of restoring the external environment for the ideal society, but also that of the internal providence of restoration by providing a vast territory for the propagation of the gospel. The industrial development coming from the rapid progress of science which followed the Industrial Revolution brought about an economic society characterized by over-production. These two types of democracy, both influenced by the Industrial Revolution of England, were rapidly strengthened and finally came to form two worlds of different factions–the democratic world and the communist world. Thus, by establishing the constitutional political system in democracy, they could at least realize the pattern of the system of an ideal society. In this way, the political system has changed through the long period of history because the society of fallen men has been restored into an ideal society which resembles the structure and function of a perfect man, according to the providence of restoration. One reason why he may have chosen to call himself a ” christian socialist ” was: because to be a genuine objector of conscience, in the eyes of the law, required a genuinely held religious belief. The political system of this age was again divided into the three powers–of legislative, executive and judiciary–due to the French Revolution, and political parties came to bear a marked political mission. Since the Renaissance, the view of life which had matured in two types, one of Cain and the other of Abel, aroused two respective types of political revolutions and established two types of democracy. The economic organization of the ideal society must also resemble the structure of the perfect human body. Seen from this providence of God, we can understand that the Industrial Revolution of England came from the providence of restoring the living environment for the ideal society. It is therefore wrong for the Trust and the ODT to now claim that he was a conscientious objector and it is an exaggeration of his character. As a result, the grave necessity to pioneer new regions for markets for the excessive production and of resources of industrial materials caused great world powers to rapidly strengthen themselves in order to continue their scramble for colonies. As already discussed in Part I, religion and science have respectively been in charge of overcoming the two aspects of ignorance of fallen men, one spiritual and the other physical, thus gradually restoring the ideal society. It is insulting to them that these people are honoured for refusing to do anything while they got put there and put themselves at risk. Conscription came about because the able bodied, by and large, did not enlist in great numbers, and there were other ways and means to dodge the draft, like jumping into Reserved Occupations. I believe that he should be classified alongside all the shirkers, cowards, and other types of draft dodgers at the time. But this is, after all, like a fallen man who has not been restored, and naturally cannot display the original function endowed at the creation. The anti-medieval movement of the restoration of Hellenism, which was of the Cain-type, gave birth to humanism through the Renaissance. My reason is purely that none of the surviving vets of various wars whom I know have any time for conchies. This will include independent, collaborative and creative work in literacy and inquiry specialisation times. The ones we should especially forget are the ones that tried to avoid their duty by claiming to be a conscientious objector when they were not. Thus, the currents of the two views of life (the Cain-type and the Abel-type) and the economic development following scientific progress finally divided the world, politically, into two worlds: the democratic world and the communist world. overcoat mens dark trench coat discount trench coats white trench coats for women outerwear coats light trench coat designer trench coat women where to buy trench coat goose down coats long trench coats womens aquascutum trench coat trench coat men leather trench coat female buy a trench coat trench coat for tall women trench raincoats for women women trench coat with hood mens long mac coat big and tall trench coats sale coats mens leather trench coats for sale brown winter coat trench coat tan studded trench coat womens trench coat long ladies leather trench coats big and tall leather trench coat tan mac coat trench coat for spring mens coat and jackets


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