Joe’s journal also follows the course of his relationship with Rose and how they kept in contact with each other through postcards. This they established the foundation in the formation stage for democracy and at the same time laid the foundation in the formation stage to restore the Heavenly sovereignty by forming a wide and firm basis of politics and economy on the Heavenly side. Obviously that T-shirts are the part of modern culture and they have a great influence on teens because of their freedom and epatage . The Satanic side intended to realize the pseudo-form of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth centering on a personage in the pattern of the Lord of the Second Advent on the Satanic side in order to realize, in advance, the ideal of the Heavenly side before the Lord of the Second Advent establishes the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth under the principles of coexistence, co-prosperity, and common-cause. Therefore democracy is necessarily in pursuit of the world under the ideal of creation, following the natural tendency of the two characteristics, internal and external, of the original nature of man. As we have already noticed in history after the Medieval Age, the fundamental spirit of democracy is to realize the purpose of the Abel-type view of life. Therefore, with the victory of the Heavenly side in the First World War, the foundation for the Second Advent of the Messiah was established. This is a free lite version of Devilry Huntress – a sign-swapping puzzler, similar to our game Jewel. The other leading nations, such as Germany and Austria-Hungary, those who supported Turkey, the Moslem nation that persecuted Christianity, all belonged to the Satanic side, together with Turkey herself. Therefore, in World War I, the leading nations on the side of the allies, such as England America, France and Russia, were not only the Christian nations, but also the nations who tried to liberate the Christians under persecution in Turkey, the Moslem nation. Third, the First World War was inevitable in order to establish the foundation in the formation stage to restore the Heavenly sovereignty. He then realized the pattern of dominating the whole creation by setting up the policy of world conquest, thus realizing the non-principled world in the type of perfection in formation stage of the three great blessings, centering on Satan. Jesus had established the foundation of restoring his perfect individuality and restored the stone as himself represented in it by overcoming the first temptation in the wilderness. Therefore, in order for the Heavenly side to attain victory by smiting the Satanic side and to set up, worldwide, the condition of indemnity in the formation level to restore the world having perfected the three great blessings centering on God, the First World War was inevitable. Therefore, freedom under this system may be defined not as a right for any individual to claim and enjoy, but as a duty or sacrifice one should pay for the whole. You will also be able to follow Rose’s relationship with Joe through her diary and the postcards and letters sent between the two. By reading the regular updates of Rose’s diary you will be able to follow her journey and discover more about her family and friends. To draw some examples of such totalitarian political systems, there have been those of Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany, and the dictatorial government of the militarists of Japan. Joe is very interested in national and international events and by reading his journal you will be able to discover more about the history of this period. * Maintain settings profiles* Manually activate profile permanently or temporarily* Multiple profile. As already clarified above, Satan has realized, in advance, a type of world similar to that which God intended to realized centering on Adam. Following this, the communist world rose, centering on Stalin, who was the symbolic representation of the Lord of the Second Advent on the Satanic side. As the facts later proved, nations on the Heavenly side won the victory in the First World War and Christianized the world by broadening their political territory. Rose herself becomes a V.A.D.(Voluntary Aid Detachment) nurse and one of her cousins a female ambulance driver on the Western Front. 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