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The ideal world, consisting of perfect men, would have resembled the structure and function of a perfect man. Just as the limbs of the human body move for the purpose of living according to the command of the brain, so the economic structure, corresponding to the limbs, must move toward establishment of the purpose of ideal society according to the command of God. Just as all the commands from the brain would be transmitted to all the members of the body through the medium of the peripheral nerve system centering on the spine, the commands from God must reach the entire society, without omission, through the medium of the saints, corresponding to the peripheral nerve system, centering on Christ, who corresponds to the spine. Wherever they put the proposed memorial, it is clear to me that Dave Cull and the Trust see this as a way to promote their personal political beliefs. In the same way, since men of the ideal society have a vertical relationship with God, the horizontal relationship among them is automatically established, forming an organism which shares all feelings. Just as all the organs of a human body would move according to the command of the brain, all the organizations of the ideal world must work under the command of God alone. Just as the liver in the human body saves nutrition for the whole body, in the ideal society, too, there must always be a reserve for the accomplishment of the purpose of the whole. Actually having the backbone to refuse to go fight a war takes more guts than giving in to the white feather sending black widows because “Johnny did and hes not coming back” almost like Johnny died for nothing more than a slaughter of the innocents prepetrated by lunatics without any gains being made. The idea of the separation of the three powers was advocated by Montesquieu, who was an authority in the school of the Enlightenment. The democracy established in England and America is called the Abel-type democracy because it was set up through revolution to reform the society of absolutism in order to obtain freedom of faith centering on the Abel-type view of life. Originally, this separation of the three powers was the structure of the ideal society designed by the Heavenly side, but as it always had been with all the courses in the providence of restoration, this also had been realized in advance by the Satanic side, in a pseudo-form of the Principle. Since each of the limbs and all parts of the human body have a vertical relationship with the brain, the horizontal relationship among the members is automatically established, forming an inseparable organism. The public attitude towards the refusers like Baxter remains strongly divided and the issue is overtly political with a clear left-right separation. As we have clarified in the “Principle of Creation”, the world of creation was made with the structure of a perfect man as the model. Therefore, in this society one cannot commit crime because harming others results in harming oneself. Successful people don t criticize others when they are not listening, because otherwise people among them will recognize them as persons who tend to talk behind others. His reason was primarily because he was a dedicated socialist and consequently he saw all soldiers as his working class comrades that were being exploited by the ruling class of New Zealand. It is therefore wrong for the Archibald Baxter Memorial Trust and Mayor Cull to claim that Baxter was a conscientious objector. Just as the lungs, heart and stomach maintain smooth give and take action without any conflict, according to the commands of the brain which are transmitted through the peripheral nerve system, the three organs–legislative, executive and judiciary–of the ideal society, which correspond to the three human organs also must be able to have a relationship of give and take action in the Principle according to the commands of God, which are transmitted through the saints centering on Christ, corresponding to the political parties. Segregation between men and women were also found in family life, like ill treatment wives received from their husbands. A family is something everyone has and being in different family situations, lives of people easily changed. Again, the peripheral nerve system centering on the spine in the human body corresponds to the political parties of the state, so the foundation corresponding to the political parties of an ideal society must be performed by the saints centering on Christ. The separation of powers was to decentralize national power and prevent it from being concentrated in a specific individual or organization as had been done in the political system under absolutism. However, this changed into another period in which the king held the three powers and churches centering on the pope took charge of the mission of the political parties. There was in the course of historical development of Western Europe a period in which the kings shouldered all the functions of the three powers of legislative, executive and judiciary, and of the political parties. black long trench coat men ladies wool trench coat long women coats trench coat black womens trench coat buy online ladies beige trench coat trench coat mens full length long red trench coat trench cape trench coats for ladies trench style suede coats buy womens trench coat hooded trench coat for women trench coat color mens leather trench coat trench coat brand trench coats for women on sale womens red hooded trench coat best trench coat for men mens long brown coat men trench coat with hood trench coat women cheap designer trench coat men guys trench coat mens grey wool trench coat denim trench coat down winter coats skater trench coat long brown coat


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