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It is an argument not restricted to the First World War but one encountered during every subsequent war­right up to the modern examples of the Falklands, the Gulf and Bosnia. In addition, the development of nationalism by the ruling classes meant the assertion of a dominant nationalism and thus the oppression of other national groups. The growth of nationalist sentiment was an inevitable corollary of the push to imperialism on the part of the great powers. The people whose lives, day in and day out, pass in a monotony of hopelessness are many; they are the mainstay of modern society. The vision of war came to seem as if it were an alternative way of dramatically transforming society. “What is interesting is that the committee succeeded in recruiting people who had a perfect sense of organisation. To trace the mass acceptance of nationalism during the beginning of the war, it is necessary to look at the state of the class struggle immediately before the war. There are no expressions suitable to the reality of this pause between two world orders­the fading of everything that was important yesterday and the summoning up of novel historical forces. Some became heads of department, notably a woman called Renée-Marguerite Cramer, a librarian, who had the idea of using index cards linked to catalogues for the compilation of information,” Palmieri said. It is not simply the case that workers who had fought so hard for social change in the pre-war years suddenly turned their backs on their own struggles and were brainwashed by their respective governments. A section of the agency was dedicated to civilians caught up in the conflict, – those held hostage, deported or interned – the first time the ICRC extended its activities to include civilians. The Habsburg monarchy split its domains into two halves, in one of which Hungarian replaced Latin as the official language, in the other, German. the dynastic empires which had previously been the most bitter opponents of national movements began to redefine themselves in nationalist terms. The alarm of mobilisation breaks into their lives like a promise; the familiar and long-hated is overthrown, and the new and unusual reigns in its place. At first volunteers, who were friends and relatives of ICRC members, ran the International Prisoners-of-War Agency. The ICRC’s archivists have been working on a project to restore and scan the lists and index cards. The question of whether or not nationalism is a more powerful impulse than class identification is therefore utterly bound up with any account of the war. Such had been the scale of domestic crisis in most of the countries involved that it was not at all obvious that workers would respond to the call to arms. It compared this information with requests submitted to it by relatives or friends, in order to restore contact between them. Much of their motivation can be traced precisely to the holding back, or even defeat, of such social struggles. In the beginning, that feeling for change connected with the patriotism and the celebration of the national idea pushed from the ruling class and echoed by labour leaders. There was a real sense that the whole shape of the world was about to change and that society was embarking on an adventure. The agency’s archives also contain diplomatic correspondence between the ICRC and the warring countries on protection for detainees and reports on visits by ICRC delegates to prisoner-of-war camps. This should not be surprising: nationalism is not simply imposed from above, but has to in some way correspond to existing national sentiments among a section at least of the population­often the middle class­and grips the minds of the masses when other social change seems remote. During the First World War, the International Prisoner-of-War Agency collected, analysed and classified information it received from the detaining powers and national agencies about prisoners of war and civilian internees. marianastrench styling trench coat dark brown trench coat green trench coat men pictures of marianas trench brown trench coat mens trench means brown mens trench coat long coats men black overcoat men layout of trenches where is mariana trench located mens black overcoat mariana trenches describe the trenches and no man land the western front trenches what does trenches mean meriana trench the trenche mens long brown trench coat mens brown leather trench coat mariana tranch marianas trech merianas trench life during wwi mariana trech mariana trench bottom describe a trench white trench coat men beige trench coat men


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