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By this time we were all suffering from various ailments, Lyndon’s knee was still painful, Stephen’s feet were causing him trouble and my achillies tendons felt like they were being drawn across a rusty bayonet. After the service we made our way back to the cathedral for the church service, and on the way we bumped into some of our friends and family who had come to welcome us to Norwich. The ‘Bunny’ jacket did good service once more, but the greatcoat seemed to have lost it’s warmth. But those who have studied carefully and objectively that overstuffed rear will reply that it was far too ponderous all the time. The driver leant from his window and apologised, explaining that he did not believe we were actually there, and had to drive back to check! We pressed on in the pre-dawn and using the hurricane lamp to light the way, we set off through Swanton Morley and off down our route. And so, here at the end of our journey, we will say farewell, and a big thank you to all of those who helped us, particularly; We were privileged to speak with the Lady Mayor of Norwich during this time, and she was very kind with her support. We spoke to servicemen, ex-servicemen, and civilians, and I hope we made a difference to people’s perception of war and heroism; it’s not all about guns and bayonet charges; heroism is about doing the right thing against the stacked odds. We all feel that this was the coldest night, and although we were now acclimatized to open air life, we were also somewhat weaker then we had been two days ago. We were humbled by our experience; the effort was incredible, and we were not being shelled, or gassed. We learned an enormous amount during our four days as World War One stretcher bearers, and none of us will ever forget what we have done. We tacitly admitted that much when the worst clutch of the war came on us-when the German enemy advanced into the Ardennes. We also had an oppertunity to test out our gas masks, as we had with us some smoke bombs for Theatrical effect. We had to for go the breakfast ritual today as we were on iron rations, so biscuits and beef were our only option! They can say we were suddenly confronted with a desperate situation that required the SOS to make a heroic sacrifice. Then we began to repair the manpower deficiencies of the front by finding reinforcements in the manpower surplus of the rear. But if the tide were to go against us as it did late in the last war, only the Army would be in a position to win-or lose. The only difference is that at the rear, the extravagance is of a different kind, and much more obvious. When the front operates as if no sensible limit its should ever be placed upon its demands, there will always be excessive wastage at the rear. With our support team, we celebrated with steak at the aptly named Edith Cavell, during which we discovered the uncanny resemblance that Stephen has with Baldrick! Shoes pile up till they block the doors to the warehouses and overflow the vans which should be moving ammunition up instead. Shouting at the top of your voice came out as a muffled yell, and with the PH hood, you couldn’t hear alot! As the yellow smoke curled round us, it became apparent that the difficulty of carrying a fully laden stretcher was triple fold with a gas mask. And he had kept on walking around it for a full year and a half-till long after the guns had at last gone silent on, the plains of Bohemia. trenches in the world trench battle coats winter what were the trenches like what were conditions like in the trenches what were trenches like where to buy mens trench coats winter coats for women sale long winter coats for women on sale shop coats trench design hooded winter coats for women double breasted wool coat black winter coats for women ladies long coats on sale trendy coats long raincoat for women white trench coat dress ladies coat with hood modern trench coat men in trench coats long length trench coats ladies mens trench coat fashion womans winter coats trench systems trench layout what were the conditions in the trenches the trench experience cream trench coats long leather trench coats


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