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I hope that the regions will make good use of this opportunity to develop their own industrial capacity. We need properly developed construction sites and transport infrastructure in order to be able to expand businesses and accommodate new production sites. We have announced ambitious plans for developing this region, and we will, of course, implement them. These additional measures are being taken in order to support economic and industrial growth in strategically important Russian regions. As we have agreed, two-year tax holidays will be provided to small businesses registering for the first time. We all understand that the sources of assets are different, that they were earned or acquired in various ways. We will continue to deal with those problems with conviction, together with our business community, of course. In addition, I propose extending PDA regulations to new projects in a number of single-industry cities with the most difficult socioeconomic situations, rather than waiting three years, as provided by the draft law (I believe it has passed its first reading). Of course, it is essential to explain to the people who will make these decisions what full amnesty means. It is imperative that alternative measures to support this region, which have already been prepared, be implemented in order to maintain a comfortable entrepreneurial climate. Description of the Work: Flood wall, slurry trench and insulation works and wire fence construction, asphalt coating road construction I’d also like to ask the deputies not to delay their review of the law on priority development areas (PDA). It means that if a person legalises his holdings and property in Russia, he will receive firm legal guarantees that he will not be summoned to various agencies, including law enforcement agencies, that they will not “put the squeeze” on him, that he will not be asked about the sources of his capital and methods of its acquisition, that he will not be prosecuted or face administrative liability, and that he will not be questioned by the tax service or law enforcement agencies. However, I am confident that we should finally close, turn the “offshore page” in the history of our economy and our country. As is often the case in such matters, we had a tough conversation on this issue with the Finance Ministry. JMC construct a number of parking areas, using different materials dependant on customer specification. JMC can construct retaining walls in a number of materials, such as block work, natural stones, concrete, timber or even steel. JMC are able to construct retaining walls, capable of supporting structures to prevent erosion, downfall or movement. I expect that after the well-known events in Cyprus and with the on-going sanctions campaign, our business has finally realised that its interests abroad are not reckoned with and that it can even be fleeced like a sheep. We are capable of all tarmac disciplines and all our operatives have great experience and also current relevant qualifications. JMC constructs a number of tarmac asphalt structures, including roads, driveways, car parks, paths, speed bumps. Also dependant on specification we can provide white lining, car park lighting, perimeter fencing and even gatehouses. Now the focus should be shifted to the quality of law enforcement, promoting so called best practices in the regions in partnership with business, using the national investment climate ratings to this end. We can provide a number of finishes dependant on demand including; asphalt, concrete, recycled planings etc. We can allocate a portion of federal tax increments, which will be obtained from new businesses opening in the region, for these purposes. leather trim trench coat coats and jackets women trench coat men short trench coat cotton black belted trench coat mens wool trench coat women coats online short jacket winter dress coats for women coats for ladies ladies raincoat with hood long pea coat plus size short trench coat winter coat sale women double breasted belted trench coat womens raincoat with hood winter womens coats short red trench coat mens short trench coats trench coat full length black trench coat mens mens black belted trench coat womens black leather trench coat trench coat single breasted patent trench coat trench coat for short men trench wool coat boys trench coats belted trench coat mens satin trench


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