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Stalingrad sits astride two of just three single-track railway lines which lead into the Donbass region from the north (there being just one other from the south), so while the Soviets would like nothing more than to let the encircled Axis forces sit there and rot they have no choice but to crush the pocket if they are to drive on the Donbass this winter. However, by this time they are suffering from severe malnutrition and most have contracted Typhus (spread by lice, which thrived in the crowded and unsanitary conditions of their bunkers). It never comes, and indeed the already inadequate trickle of supplies slows and then dries up completely during follow-on Soviet offensives. Soviet media does the opposite in the name of inflaming Soviet public opinion and so promoting heartfelt calls by members of their public for the western Allies to do more to help. which has become another branch of the German military at this point, steps up its recruitment of foreigners with the help of a huge propaganda drive. This would be in addition to the basic intelligence, translation, and deception services that the captured junior officers could be expected to provide. Two frightfully successful German counteroffensives at Kursk and Kharkov sees the latest Soviet operations halted, but there is no doubting now that the tide has turned. While the Soviets would like nothing more than to advance straight into the Donbass to take advantage of this windfall, they need the railway lines to supply such an advance and so they divert extra forces to crush the pocket by February at the latest—before the Rasputitsa stops all operations dead sometime in March–April. Unfortunately, the Soviet offensive to crush the pocket is a non-starter: Axis resistance is much stiffer than expected, and prisoner interrogations soon reveal why. This was in addition to recruitment of Hiwis by the Security Police and Higher Regional Security Chiefs (HSSP Fs ). with the ominous reminder that no German field marshal has ever surrendered or been captured alive —if captured, Paulus and other senior German officers could yield a great deal of valuable information to their Soviet captors. While they had not discounted the possibility of encircling some Fourth Panzer Army units, they had expected most if not all of it to be outside of the pocket and therefore available for a counter-offensive note They had not known where its units were because A) they had not captured any prisoners who knew that, and B) because its units had not needed to use radios to communicate since they had hunkered down and stayed put for the past month or so (and had been using field telephones instead). In some of the less well-prepared operations (chiefly those of January-February) maps were not drawn up, printed, and issued in adequate numbers. El Alamein and Stalingrad) and avoiding too much focus on casualties, troop and equipment totals, or the wider course and relative importance of operations. “If the Indians are in the path and do not wish to be seen, they cross a ridge, and the town moves on, ignorant whether there are fifty Indians within a mile or no Indian within fifty miles. then breakfast, some more troop formations, “leaders” meetings, document-everything-with-perfect-paperwork via desktop computers, Mondays wasted in motor pool doing PMCS on tactically unsound Humvee SUV trucks. I find some pertinent remarks upon this subject in a very sensible essay by “a late captain of infantry” (U. “You have to think terrain even in non-linear warfare, all of Iraq much like all of Vietnam is not the same. “It is conceived that scattered bands of mounted hunters, with the speed of a horse and the watchfulness of a wolf or antelope, whose faculties are sharpened by their necessities; who, when they get short of provisions, separate and look for something to eat, and find it in the water, in the ground, or on the surface; whose bill of fare ranges from grass-seed, nuts, roots, grasshoppers, lizards, and rattlesnakes up to the antelope, deer, elk, bear, and buffalo, and who have a continent to roam over, will be neither surprised, caught, conquered, overawed, or reduced to famine by a rumbling, bugle blowing, drum-beating town passing through their country on wheels at the speed of a loaded wagon. If the Indians wish to see, they return to the crest of the ridge, crawl up to the edge, pull up a bunch of grass by the roots, and look through or under it at the procession.” This will be the tendency of the course indicated, and it is conceived by the writer that an army composed of well-disciplined hunters will be the most efficient of all others against the only enemy we have to encounter within the limits of our vast possessions. The ensuing battle is easier than the Soviets anticipated, as they belatedly realise just how much of the Fourth Panzer Army was actually trapped in the pocket. The supply services were somewhat unprepared for the campaigns which unfolded, chiefly in those campaigns which suffered from poor prior planning, but also due to the inexperience of staffs, the pace of operations, haphazard reporting, and imperfect record-keeping. But the focus is also deliberate, as the western Allies want to convey the impression that they are valuable allies for the Soviet Union. [EDITOR: obvious condemnation of garrison mentality in favor of head-on adaptation to defeat the enemy; like many similar calls, it may be heeded but only with expectation that when Indian problem is over, return to garrison will ensue] suede trench coat trench raincoat women trench clothing trench rain jacket trench coat wool men black hooded trench coat men where to find trench coats women winter coat full length coat only trench coat women wool trench coat winter coats sale mens extra long trench coat lightweight trench coat ladies print trench coat trench coat for girls blue trench coat for women beige raincoat womens big and tall mens trench coat tan womens trench coat tweed trench coat womens trench jacket hooded coats mens long black leather trench coat trench coats men leather trench coats men mens long black wool trench coat designer winter coats mens trench coats uk mens cheap trench coat


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