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” General Mark Clark, who commanded the United States Fifth Army, also envisioned its potential in that rugged country. There was, however, nothing of the barbarity exhibted by the Germans, Russians, and Japanese during World War II. World War I histories tend to give less attention to Prisoners of War than is the case of World War II. The last major German army on the Western Front has surrendered to the Americans and British after being outmaneuvered, and the Ruhr—the primary steelmaking and manufacturing center of the country—is captured. More than a decade later, Special Forces personnel were to be found patrolling the plains and jungle-covered highlands of central Vietnam on Asian horses, employing them for pack as well. There were, however, nothing of the widespread barbarity exhibted by the Germans, Soviets, and Japanese during World War II. Indeed, Stalin is eager for the Red Army to have the honor of taking the very heart of Nazi Germany, which Hitler has refused to leave. Accordingly, any place that may be hiding German troops is reduced to rubble from afar by massed airpower and artillery barrages at the first signs of resistance. Given the recruitment policies of the beligerant nations, there were many children and teenagers among the POWs. With the last reserves of their professional army now depleted, every loss of man and machine from this point forward is literally irreplaceable. As a result of the Geneva Convention (Hague Rules), the princiles as to how POWs should be treated were well established and agreed to by the combatant countries. As the Allies advance ever deeper into Germany, countless small towns and cities, some centuries old and without any military value, are destroyed in ultimately pointless delaying actions. In this “better safe than sorry” atmosphere, a single sniper shot from a single building can effectively doom an entire village to being wiped off the map. The job of taking Berlin is left to the Soviets, who are far closer and have claimed the city as part of their sphere anyway. Infantry Division had it not been for the support rendered by a hastily recruited pack train attached to that division. There were wide variations, primarily the result of the difficult situation and food shortahes which developed in Russia and the Central Powers as the War progressed. This is in part because the major beligereant countrirs generally treated POWs correctly following the Geneva Convention to the extent possible given war time conditions. In the Far East during World War II, Chinese guerrilla forces relied mainly on pack animals for their transport needs. Other nations as well have traditionally pursued a policy of readiness in respect to pack transport, among which have been France, Austria, Italy, Japan, Russia, Turkey, China and Great Britain. Even on the Finland front, in the absence of other suitable means of transport, German and Russian Soldiers were obliged, at times, to utilize reindeers, although primarily in a draft capacity. Elephants also have been recruited for service in the vicinity of Ban Don, near the Cambodian border. A HBC reader writes, “This photo of the Russian POW boys wearing lambskin hats is remarkably similar to photographs of Tsar Nicholas II and his son in Siberia where they were held by the Blosheevicks at the end of the War.” The problems experienced by Russoan POWs reflected the declining consitions for civilians, particularly food shortages. Germany is now a country void of teen- and middle-aged males, who have virtually all been drafted into citizen militias to defend the Fatherland to the last. In Italy, so great was the need for animal transport that General Danford, former Chief of Artillery, was led to remark, “The Apennines of Italy just shout for pack. mens long leather trench coats womens trench rain jacket cheap leather trench coat trench coat with hood for women womens black mac coat trench coats for men sale single breasted mens trench coat leather trench coat womens trench jackets women purple trench coat women cheap trench coat women black trench coat ladies black trench jacket black trench coat with hood mens womens black raincoat trench coats for men cheap trench coat women black color trench coat trench coat with skirt bottom small trench coat trench coat nz ladies spring trench coats trench coat for short women camel trench coat women black men trench coat men winter trench coat mens double breasted trench coat sale full trench coat toggle coats mens trench coat wool


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