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The United States and Great Britain generally honored the terms of the Geneva Convention during the War. The International Red Cross based in Geneva served as a clearinghouse for the exchange of POW information. POWs could be questioned, but they could not be compeled to disclose information beyond their identity (name, rank, and serial number). Its dangerous and unrealistic to strip men down of all resupply and have them TOTALLY DEPENDENT–“good Captain” or not on AIR RESUPPLY. The agitation was at more intensity in Germany because of the heavy financial and territory losses caused due to the Treaty of Versailles. Historically, the employment of pack transport has been justified in every war in which the United States Army has fought. Most Soviet and Polish P)Ws wre treateted barbarically by the Germans and did not survive the camps and most Germans and other Axis prisoners did not survive the Soviet camps. The Allied POWs in Germany and Austria-Hungary also found themselves in the middle of a desintegrating situation. The Red Cross was created as an international organization to assisted wounded and captured soldiers. What is urged, therefore, is an updated clarification by the Army of the role of pack or animal transport as the traditional adjunct of ground forces engaged in the kind of war presently being fought, and the necessary organization and training to implement its employment when and where needed. The rules concerning the treatment of Prisoners of War (POWs) were different during World War II than those in force during World War I. Problems aggravated as Adolf Hitler defied the Treaty of Versailles and Germany intended to capture areas of Eastern Europe. When properly employed it is highly effective; and very often an enemy is hard pressed to detect its presence. Civil and political conflicts began to rise in Soviet Union, Japan, Italy and Germany, under the influence of dictators Josef Stalin, Emperor Hirohito, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler respectively. Thus witharmed Red and White bands, the POWs often found themselves in the middle of a veery dangerous situation. They could not be used for work associated with military opneration nor could they be used in areas exposing them to danger. Its usefulness reached its zenith in World War II when its employment by our forces exceeded that in all of our previous wars put together. Thousands of mules and Asian horses were recruited by these forces-their primary function: to maintain long supply lines. Repatriating POWs was a very different process than in World War II when the Allies liberated camps as they either overan them or in the case of Japan occupied the country. The direct or auxiliary employment of pack transport under any conditions of weather and terrain has long constituted part of our military doctrine. The Germans also selected out Jewish POWs who were subjected to inhuman treatment in concentration camps. Its usefulness in conventional or unconventional and in limited or general war has been stated many times. The victory of the Allied Entente (United Kingdom, France and United States and their allies, Italy, Serbia and Romania) over the Central Power (Austria-Hungary, Germany and their allies) in the First World War caused a severe unrest among some European nations. Minor conflicts arose between China and Japan because of the Japanese penetration into Manchuria, a Chinese region. Within these areas of comparable skills, we have fallen far short in adopting them to our utmost advantage. short black trench coat women gabardine trench coat ladies trench coats black ladies double breasted trench coat mens long hooded trench coat trench raincoat for women mens small trench coat womens brown coat mens pea coat brown top trench coats trench coat winter long trench raincoat mens formal trench coat navy blue womens trench coat navy trench coat ladies shop trench coats trench coat store trench coat for rain black hooded trench coat ladies blue trench coat beige trench coat cheap grey womens trench coat best trench coat women hooded mac coat mens black long trench coat black trench coats men coats jackets trench coat guys trench coats male mens black trench


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