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The campaign is a colossal morale boost for the Western Allies, who see their first sustained offensive successes against German forces as well as the combat debut of US troops sourced from the USA (as opposed to the on-loan Guomindang Chinese troops serving with the US Army in Burma). Here, they are trapped against additional Allied forces that have executed Operation Torch and landed on the coasts of French Morocco and Algeria. Excessive observation data and poor data-processing times meant poor accuracy in bombardments requested during these phases. Other factors included better weapons such as the Hedgehog depth charge launcher, better tactics like when Operations Research determined that bigger convoys would mean better protection, longer range combat aircraft to patrol all of the Atlantic, better technology like ships radar to detect enemy vessels on the surface and the USA simply building more ships, both cargo and fighting types, than the U-Boats could sink. Even without knowing the exact messages, destroyer escorts are able to locate U-boats simply by their excessive usage of radio, as Admiral Dönitz sends some boats upwards of seventy messages a day regarding their position, fuel status and other minutiae. A top-secret program called ULTRA has successfully broken the German code system, allowing the Allies to know the destinations of the submarines, though they use the information provided sparingly to avoid tipping-off the Germans that their codes are compromised. The deciding point of the war has passed from all but a select few perspectives, such as those of the Army High Command and possibly Hitler. This meant that higher-level staffs were swamped with irrelevant information and therefore were unable to identify enemy troop concentrations in a timely fashion. However, the inadequate self-filtering of observations meant that a massive glut of unimportant observations was reported to higher levels. In some of the less well-prepared operations (chiefly those of January-February) weather and geography were inadequately anticipated or accounted for, resulting in some delays and chaos. Infantry and artillery forces failed to adequately communicate during the later (maneuver) stages of offensive operations. Moreover the concentration of Combat Reconnaissance units at Front level was totally impractical during the later (maneuver) stages operations, with Army level formations being forced to create their own improvised Combat Reconnaissance units just to get by. Combat Reconnaissance and Deep Reconnaissance were conducted too far in advance of offensive operations, allowing the enemy time to shift his troop concentrations and erect new defenses before the actual offensives began. He begins implementing new technologies to help improve operations, such as the snorkel (which allows U-boats to remain submerged and recharge their batteries while hidden), new weapon attachments like mounted anti-aircraft guns note Unfortunately for the U-boats, once that novelty of that nasty surprise to pilots wore off, Allied pilots realized that U-boats resorting to those guns had to stay surfaced and stationary. A young man is never considered worthy to occupy a seat in council until he has encountered an enemy in battle; and he who can count the greatest number of scalps is the most highly honored by his tribe. The attainment of such reputation is the paramount and absorbing object of their lives; all their aspirations for distinction invariably take this channel of expression . By making short excursions about the country they acquire a knowledge of it, become inured to fatigue, learn the art of bivouacking, trailing, etc. all of which will be found serviceable in border warfare; and, even if they should perchance now and then miss some of the minor routine duties of the garrison, the benefits they would derive from hunting would, in my opinion, more than counterbalance its effects. No people probably on the face of the earth are more ambitious of martial fame, or entertain a higher appreciation for the deeds of a daring and successful warrior, than the North American savages. It is not surprising, therefore, that, with such weighty inducements before him, the young man who, as yet, has gained no renown as a brave or warrior, should be less discriminate in his attacks than older men who have already acquired a name. “When the Arab despairs of success in battle, he places his sole reliance upon the speed of his horse to escape destruction ; and as he is always in a country where he can make his camp beside a little water, he travels until he has placed a safe distance between himself and his enemy.” You think its AOK every time we go to war its always a “gee-this-is-a-new-thing-to-me” and the learning curve is measured in dead Americans in flag-draped coffins. CNN is now repeatedly showing video of an Israeli Sayeret (recon) unit with a German shepherd and a black Labrador; the later has a chest wrap holding two walkie-talkies. Consequently many attacks outside the initial (assault-breakthrough) phase of offensives were conducted with insufficient or minimal artillery support. “Strategy evidently loses its advantages against such enemies; a general can only make conjectures; he marches to find the Arabs, and finds them not; then, again, when he least expects it, he suddenly encounters them. brown coats trench coat mens full length the perfect trench coat trench coat with hood for men buy coats online spring coat for men frock coat trench coat costumes ladies pea coat trench coat without belt cheap red trench coat double breasted trench coats colored trench coat spring coat sale womens leather trench coat sale red coat original trench coat ladies winter coat mens trench coat sale spring coat for women red trench coat with hood cheap long black trench coats leather trench coat with hood for men white trench coat for women suede trench coat men black mens trench coat long long red trench coat women winter trench coat mens hot pink trench coat mens denim trench coat


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