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“We see from the Qur’anic verses that Muhammad’s toleration with the Jews and Christians was so great as none among the founders of the religions before him, of Judaism or Christianity, had never been, and we would see how his successors followed his method in this respect. “The forbearance and toleration that characterized the Arab conquerors, of which historians were ignorant, seemed to explain to what extent they were able to expand their conquests. In his refutation to the argument that this battle rescued the West and Christianity from the Arabs, La Bon says: “Suppose that the Christians failed to overcome the Arabs and that the Arabs found the climate of northern France neither rainy nor cold in such a way that it was pleasant to them to stay there forever, what would Europe have gotten from that? A few of the men were so weak from fear that they found it physically impossible to carry much more than their own weight. That toleration was recognized by some European scholars who had doubts or those few in number who believed and gazed at the history of the Arabs. In the following sentences I am going to quote from the books of many of them, which proves that our opinion on this issue is not just ours. However, La Bon does not hide his sorrow for the fact that the Muslims did not rule France and that their conquests in northern France came to end with Poitiers. The sections landed dry against a strip of coast still under control by the enemy and vigorously defended by fire from the heights. “The early conquests of the Arabs were supposed to blind their eyes and cause them to commit the same injustices usually done by conquerors, wrong the conquered and compel them to adopt their religion which they liked to spread all over the world. That the Arabs did not make other attempts to conquer this region goes back to the fact that northern France was very cold and rainy and this neither suited them nor encouraged them to stay there. In spite of carrying the sword to spread their religion, they left those who did not like to adopt it free with their own religious precepts.” “The Qur’an which enjoins JihГўd upon the Muslims shows great toleration towards the followers of other religions. However, the sections were well collected when they debarked on the sand; the small boats had brought them in pretty much in line. “The great zeal the Muslims (from among all men of religions) had for their religion went side by side with a spirit of toleration toward the followers of other religions. and its members could look for routes through the belt of obstacles ahead and study the beaten zones where machine-gun fire (there were six guns on them) was kicking up the sand beyond the belt of obstacles. But since it appears radical in that it undercuts the traditional belief that by encouraging men to think brave thoughts we can stimulate them to endeavors they scarcely dream of, some further illustration is required. In his sight, it does not deserve all what was said about it or about its leader, Charles Martel, who but stopped the Arab conquests only in northern France whilst their conquests went on in its south. “The political ingenuity of the early caliphs was no less than the military skill they acquired very soon. We would have either dropped it at the edge of the beach or remained there with it, if we had not been vigorously led .” It reacted on Company M like a moral tonic, largely offsetting rhe shock that came from the unexpected tactical situation. Above that figure the cost of carrying the load rises disproportionately to the actual increment of weight. They levied upon them only a fixed annual Jizyah as little as no more than a dinar per noble and half a dinar per slave. Thus, a lot of peoples very easily adopted their religion, systems and language, which established itself, resisted all invasions and survived even after the disappearance of Arab sovereignty from the scene. ‘Umar ibn al-KhattГўb did not harm the Christians when he entered Jerusalem (Bayt al-Maqdis), whereas when the Christians entered it, they slew the Muslims and burnt the Jews mercilessly.” That is, unless we are willing to accept the other half of it-that they may also become ” morally pinned ” by the faulty logistics of their superiors. tan trench coat women ladies raincoat women raincoat mac coat women best rain jackets for women double breasted coat women womens rain coat a line trench coat spring trench coat womens hooded trench coat cute raincoats for women ladies winter capes womens winter parka sale leather winter coats for women green trench coat women double breasted trench coat women lightweight trench coat womens peacoat beige trench coat women winter leather coats for women spy coat navy trench coat women satin trench coat red winter jackets for women long black trench coat orange trench coat winter coat for women sale coat trench womens leather trench coat long trench coat men


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