marian trench

Problems • Rats who eat all food and dead bodies in trenches • Lice • Foot rot due to lack of good boots • Starvation • Dysentary • Surgery- doctors experiment; amputate rather than patch things up Augustin…His parents had named him after Auguste Thin, the corporal who was given the job of choosing the unknown soldier who now lies at rest beneath the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. For documents with long life cycles (in computing terms, long is more than five years!) the library should really investigate the use of a more content oriented SGML markup such as TEI and then generate documents conforming to a specific HTML version from that. This is rarely done and even this author admits to having written a large number of documents with no indication as to which version of HTML they conform to. If I get killed in active service there will be a medal for me somewhere and I hope you will try and get it and keep it for the boy to wear when he grows up. To make this information easy for browsers to process there is a standard markup for it which is actually part of the SGML mechanism upon which all the standard HTML versions are based. Gerard Duval- French soldier Paul kills in the shell hole; printer in civilian life; Paul has great guilt about killing him • Adults, parents and people in authority tell boys it is their “duty” to enlist in war • Boys grow up quickly during war; life changes drastically (e.g. The wills of English and Welsh soldiers who fought and died in the Great War will be digitised and made available through an online portal, enabling members of the public to request copies of the documents easily. The wills are being made available online in time for next year’s centenary of the Great War as part of a larger project to digitise all war wills dating from the Boer War to the Falklands. More than half of the soldiers would be wounded and one in four destined for the Western Front would not return home. However, if the service being provided will be used by patrons with many different browsers, it may be worthwhile sacrificing browser specific bells and whistles in favour of a more generic markup using the standard HTML DTDs. The first of these is to include a line at the top of every document that they serve that specifies the DTD in use. A library after all should be providing useful, high quality information resources to all comers and not trying to compete with ad agencies for “cool site of the week” awards. I dare say that this will be the last letter you will receive from me until the war is over as I am prepared to move to the front at any moment and I am only sorry that I did not see you all before I went, but then mother dear, do not lose heart I may come back again. Himmelstoss- tortures boys at first; strict disciplinarian; cowardly; later joins boys on the front because of mistreating magistrate’s son; boys get back on him by beating him up; postmasn in civilian life The precious documents were key to ensuring that the soldiers’ estates were administered in accordance with their last wishes, should the unthinkable happen. Before departing for the frontline, servicemen completed a personal, often hand-written will to keep in the pocket service book which was tucked into their uniform. Duval incident-killed by his own hand ) • Paul realizes that he is a changed person when he goes home- sees butterfly collection on wall-reminds him of his innocence; he regrets going home because he cannot relate to life the way it used to be; realizes his comrades are more important than his family; mother is dying of cancer-gives Paul cakes and woolen underwear when he leaves • Paul goes to a bar where people tell him he knows nothing about war; meets a major (while he’s on leave) who makes him march • The boys resent the falseness of the Kaiser’s visit • Peasants- trade items for food; girls give themselves for bread • Mortar blows bodies, trees apart; daisy • Paul and Albert are shot while evacuating a village; moved to hospital by train; bribe sergeant major with cigars so that they can stay together fear surgeons because they like to amputate; Paul fears chloroform • Russian prison camp located next to Paul’s camp; Paul feels sorry for prisoners The version of HTML markup used will therefore depend upon what they are trying to achieve and who their patrons are. He is obsessed by one particular question: what were the feelings and thoughts of the millions of soldiers sent out to fight on the battlefields? A century later, a reporter is researching the area that was the Western Front during the First World War. Unfortunately the flip side is that we are left with a Web full of poorly marked up documents not conforming to any of the standards, even the vendor specific extensions. Mentally, he never showed (or was very careful to conceal) any signs of depression, anxiety or sadness. “The original paper records are preserved for future generations in a secure, temperature-controlled environment. womens classic trench coat short trench coats for men sale winter coats short wool coat women mens black short trench coat mens wool winter coats womens raincoats with hoods trench coat green winter women coats wool jacket women coats ladies full length black trench coat nylon trench coat double breasted pea coat women women short coats female coats short men trench coat brown womens trench coat plus size womens trench coat with hood trench coat hooded short raincoat with hood short khaki trench coat double breasted trench coat with hood trench coat yellow red short trench coat sleeveless trench coat coats womens raincoat womens midi trench coat ladies grey trench coat


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