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the two canteen covers on your ETLBV should be covered, multi-use pouches and the canteens themselves flexible, collapsible so if they are emptied of water can be stuffed in the buttpack and the pouches used to carry AMMO, grenades etc. So not only did you have to worry about being killed, but you had to worry about being crippled for life, but today we have antibiotics and amputations are quite rare. Despite the weather (which allowed us to identify with the troops) and our incessant questions, we caught everything on our list – and, as might be expected – developed a new (Yank’s) appreciation of the incredible efforts and sacrifices of our British “cousins.” Steve and Ellen Lockwood Washington DC. To Arras, Gavrelle and Vimy Ridge with ex Royal Marine, Phil Mears and Family My Family and I had the idea to visit the battlefield sites and graveyards of Northern France as a bit of an educational holiday, we thought it would be helpful to have a guide with us, who could at least show us where best to visit. He certainly knows the turf and actions inside out – and we were able to cover a lot of ground in the Two and a half days we were on the Western Front. We visited the places where our ancestors fought and where their comrades lie buried, attended the incredibly moving ceremony at the Menin Gate and visited cemeteries large and small, from the vast, beautiful, sad but curiously uplifting Tyne Cot to the dark, brooding and mournful German cemetery at Langemark. To visit the battlefield sites and graveyards with Jon is thoroughly recommended, because you will come away with the kind of deep impression of what it was like for these brave soldiers, that you will never get from a guidebook. With Jon’s extensive knowledge of the battles of the Great War and the men who fought them, we were, by turns, informed, moved and entertained. Of course, you could jump your buttpack attached to your LBE back and at first opportunity stuff the LWSB, poncho-tent, casualty blanket inside or strap them as a unit inside the LWSB stuff sack on top of the buttpack, leaving space inside for NVGs. Our background reading of his insightful book was very helpful, but he also filled in all the blanks – and his knowledge of the roles of individual players and heroes was amazing. Ypres is a beautiful and welcoming city and we were lucky enough to see it in the sunshine on the afternoon of our arrival. Our hotel, the Arianne is modern, elegant and comfortable and the food superb We can’t thank Jon enough for making our Pilgrimage to Ypres salient so special – maybe a Pilgrimage to Arras in the future? With Jon, what we got was a rich seam of fascinating facts, (quite how he retains such detail is a mystery to me), but he has interesting and moving stories in abundance. I work for the CWGC at the head office and in visiting many cemeteries can appreciate even more the commitment the organisation has undertaken, not just on the Western Front but around the world. Problem is, when they are attached to military web gear, it is nearly impossible to access contents without the aid of a buddy, or worse yet – removing your entire set of web gear. Another good, larger buttpack that can be used is the SpecOps Brand “SOB” described on the link below: The Ballad of Bill Hubbard Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful and moving day you gave me and my family touring the battlefields and cemeteries of Arras. Every Soldier with red lens small neck chain Photon fingertip-sized flashlight for map reading and general visibility if needed at night not large, bulky G.I. A Great War Battlefield Pilgrimage to Arras Jon Nicholls, thank you so much for making our trip to Arras and the Loos battlefields so enjoyable. Multiple gear loops for additional gear attachment points (works well with the X-System from Spec.-Ops. We were surprised at the degree of visible evidence that remains – and Jon brought it alive to us – especially the exciting episodes at Arras. We could not recommend Jon Nicholls highly enough and hope to experience more trips with him in the future. It is a very easy read and hard to put down once starting; and personally I have read it over and over many times, and my passion for it never wanes. However, at first opportunity you can in a matter of seconds clip the buttpack to the back of your LBE without fumbling around with flimsy ALICE clips and shed your rucksack at a cache point or into some form of unit transportation. You would have the option of jumping the buttpack with Combat Light module INSIDE your rucksack so you do not have a bulge at your rear in event of the likely rear PLF. trench coat mens long jean trench coat new trench coats black trench coat dress brown jacket ladies trench coat for ladies brown wool coat womens long brown overcoat trench style coats trench coat long women black mac coat mens british military trench coat fashion coat womans coat stores that sell trench coats short tan trench coat cream trench coat mens mens faux leather trench coat short mac coat short trench jacket tan leather trench coat trench coats petite trench clothes trench coat storm flap women long trench coats mens small trench coat hooded trench coat for men wool trench coat with hood gold trench coat mens coat black


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