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For space station building blocks this is sufficient, the ARES shell has hard points for payload attachment that double as connectors for attaching these units together. The whole Marianas Web theory and Quantum Computation needed to access it theory are completely false. To create a spaceship, one or more units are connected, and a nuclear thermal rocket (NTR) is attached. Some of the tankage is retained to hold the reaction mass for the NTR; for logistical reasons the preferred reaction mass would be LOX from lunar sources. At the termination of World War I Japan, as one of the Allied powers, was awarded a Class C mandate over all of the islands and atolls north of the equator that had formerly been in the possession of the German Empire. Resembling an overgrown Space Shuttle External tank with an engine cluster, the ARES has hard points along the side to house payload pallets or strap on boosters, as well as an upper collar for nose mounted upper stages. Greater strategic depth is achieved by establishing bases among the Near Earth Asteroids, since they provide both the needed light elements to sustain life and industry in space, and also provide time and distance to protect deployed elements of the Space Navy from rival forces on Earth and in space. Think of it (really roughly) as a really deformed and spaced-out wide mesh of sites, servers and nodes instead. Closed shell systems are systems that are not connected to the Internet and are only accessible via a rare LAN network or accessing the system manually. The mirrors can be used as concentrators for solar furnaces, solar thermal engines, solar power generators (either using photovoltaic cells at the focus or a thermal generator) and they can also be used as “one shot” fighting mirrors for ground and space based laser weapons. The simplified logistics suggests that “steam rockets” using nuclear light bulbs as the energy source and water as the reaction mass would be the system of choice for military and commercial spacecraft. At least one of the balloons near the center of the ARES is covered in radiation shielding to act as the “storm cellar” during solar storms and other radiation events. These attachment points also serve to connect various systems to the budding space structure, such as trusses, solar panels or the inflatable wake shield. A permanent space station would have a vast wake shield in the direction of orbit, a series of ARES stages spinning on a common axis and one or more ARES units “trailing” for the docking station and zero g workshops, etc. The NTR must be made of materials which can withstand the effects of exposure to high temperature oxygen, or be a “nuclear light bulb” (since I suspect no one will allow open cycle nuclear reactors to operate in Earth Orbit or even Cis Lunar space) . To gain access to this resource, ARES stages would be refitted and refueled in orbit and sent to the moon, where they become part of the ground infrastructure or serve as tankers to bring LOX back to Earth orbit. When I mentioned that Marianas Web was the lowest level of the Deep Web, I meant it as a technicality. While not as efficient as liquid Hydrogen, LOX is easily available from regolith, can be boosted at low expense from the moon, can be stored for long periods of time in orbit (since it is a “soft cryogen”) . The internal tankage of the ARES can be subdivided by inserting a series of balloons after orbital insertion and hardening them with epoxy. The ARES launchers would be retained in orbit to become the building blocks for second generation space garages, larger space structures or as the elements of commercial or Space Navy spaceships. Most people think Marianas is part of the Deep Web, and thus it is, according to popular opinion — which is why I said it like so. Operations in deep space will create a different paradigm for operations (as so many people have noted). As time goes on, Lunar resources become inadequate (since they are deficient in most light elements) and the moon itself would be considered vulnerable to attack from Earth. It does not exist and such methodologies should be left to the private labs of the NSA and IBM who are the only guys actually developing and injecting the cash into the Quantum side currently. This also allows the reaction mass to become water mined from asteroidal sources, since it is even easier to deal with than LOX. trench style coats trench coat storm flap khaki trench coat with leather sleeves black male trench coat new trench coats fashion coat womens brown coats slim trench coat black trench coat dress british trench coats cheap trench coats mens dark green trench coat men dufflecoat women wool coat trench clothes trench coats petite womans coat short tan trench coat women long trench coats khaki womens trench coat trench coat long mens brown winter coats short trench jacket trench coat long women short mac coat trench coat for ladies slim fit trench coat for men tan leather trench coat brown coat men brown ladies jacket


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