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What they are protecting their larger consorts against, or why Destroyers can defend such powerful ships better than they can defend themselves, is not altogether clear. Someone on board — either a particular dumb ensign, or the Science Officer — invariably hits the wrong button, sending out a transmission that pinpoints your location to the centimeter. A few are in fixed parking orbits, as you would expect of such massive constructions, but most Battle Stations are remarkably mobile, and are liable to turn up anywhere. The closest you can get to a Cloaking Device without piling on too much Handwavium is to surround yourself with some sort of opaque mini-nebula, like a sea destroyer laying smoke. The period between did indeed lead to "The Death of Innocence", as the historian Lyn Macdonald describes World War One. The mission of Destroyers, as of their ancient oceanic namesakes, seems primarily to be escorting larger Combat Spacecraft such as BATTLE CRUISERS. Combat Spacecraft must require a good many auxiliary support vehicles, the equivalent of tenders, repair ships, oilers, and so forth. lined the road to the station and the band of the T.S.(NF) played us in the station and on the platform. When used, it converts Space combat from a stand-up drag-out into submarine-style lurk-and-shoot action more like “Das Boot .” Cloaking Devices, alas, are almost pure HANDWAVIUM. Although larger space warships exist (TECHJARGON terms being Dreadnought, Annihilator, etc.), Battle Cruisers seem to do most of the work, and are the mainstay of most interstellar battle fleets. Their type name is seldom hidden behind Techjargon; people in future centuries (and even wholly alternate universes) apparently find this First World War-era terminology irresistable . The camp was a very large place on the top of a hill in the midst of some very English looking scenery. Indeed, the primary mission of Space Fighters seems to be to destroy any enemy Battle Station they happen upon. Their firepower is in line with their size; most can SLAG a planet with their secondary batteries, and the main armament must be intended to make stars go supernova. During the journey through the suburbs we noticed a large number of searchlights on the go from different points of the city. Every day one fellow or another would find he was short of something or other in his equipment when we had just completed the list of that particular article. Next morning, according to the papers, the Zeppelin had been at Blyth, Wallsend, Cramlington, Killingworth and various other villages. COMBAT SPACECRAFT Space vehicles, generally with crews, designed and used to zap or otherwise blow up enemy Combat Spacecraft in the course of SPACE WARFARE. (On ancient Earth, seagoing Destroyers evolved to counter specific threats, such as submarines, which have no obvious equivalent in Space.) Escorting Destroyers might be most useful in protecting gigantic BATTLE STATIONS from the one threat they are helpless against, namely SPACE FIGHTERS. This is odd, because not only would use of drones reduce casualty lists, but it would save on the cost and bulk of life-support. The men rode eight in a carriage but in ours there were Sgt Foster, Cpls Davison, Townsend, Edmond and self. A & B Coys and certain officers and details in the first and C & D and the rest In the second. They can easily be blown up, but only when attacked by the smallest of all Combat Spacecraft, SPACE FIGHTERS. It was the first standard helmet of the French Army and was designed when millions of Frenchtroops were engaged in trench warfare, and head wounds from the fallingshrapnel generated by the new technique of indirect fire became a frequent cause of battlefield casualties. Like their ancient prototypes, however, Destroyers often serve mainly as general-purpose light combatants, in which case they are more or less equivalent to FRIGATES. brown leather trench coat ladies short coats short raincoat with hood trench coat men short women short coat ladies short raincoats hooded raincoats for women double breasted trench coat with hood short trench coats for men ladies winter coats sale long black leather trench coat womens coats with hoods grey trench coats coats ladies black winter jacket short double breasted trench coat mens black short trench coat women short coats coral trench coat zara short trench coat brown womens trench coat female coats womens raincoats with hoods long wool coat women black leather trench coats winter jackets for women on sale sleeveless trench coat red short trench coat trench coats for women with hood short men trench coat


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