live in the trenches

( as the steel helmets are called ) I cannot say that I appreciate the change very much, for not only is the tin lid, hot, heavy and uncomfortable, but it also designates the fact that we are once again in the war zone & and another spell in the line is imminent, but to quote the popular phrase here ( in fact about all the French most of know ) ” Ca ne fait rein ” for I expect that it is quite likely a little extra hard work now will mean all the less later on. – fully loaded with rifle, pack and other heavy accoutrements, into the path of countless traversing machine guns? We’d have to have fought alongside them, crouching terrified under bursting shells, dodging snipers’ bullets, burying friends and enemies side by side in the filth. Most of my professional colleagues are forum leaders there, including folks I know from manufacturers and vendors, as well as working professionals. If you would rather watch a World War I aeroplane fly straight and level than a Pitts do a complete aerobatic routine, then you are one of us. The weather is still good & it has not got cold yet, though the days are shortening considerably. I also found a lot of superstition, misinformation, mythology, and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) masquerading as fact. According to my late father my grandfather ‘never spoke’ of his experiences on the Western Front. Susan Hill (‘ Strange Meeting’ ) tells us that it was only when she had finished her novel that she was able to ‘let go’ of her obsession with the Great War. I think this is the first letter I have written in ink since coming here, but managed to strike a cobber with a fountain pen. Professional is somewhat moderated (but, apparently, not very actively the last time I looked); production is definitely more of a free-for-all. I don’t know what it is that fascinates me about the First World War – particularly the Western Front and the carnage of the battle which has become known simply by the name of the nondescript river near which it was fought – The Somme. If you expect white-glove treatment, loaner gear to cover emergencies, and the like, go to a full-service vendor instead. You certainly hung on to the last one for a fair length of time, much longer than your brother used to manage, this seems to be the only one I cling to persistently, but I can neither get nor give myself the sack. His leave to England never came, and his longing to return to his beloved Australia was also never realised. (Deutschland) — They have Bavarian, Württemberg, Prussian and Hessian impressions from different units. In received quite a budget of mail today, I think it is the first full issue that has reached us for some time, perhaps we will fare better after this though because I understand that some new invention is being used which lessens the risks of the Submarine menace. Also, DV is the first broadcast-quality format small enough for a camera master to fall into a cup of tea (trust me on this; no need to try it yourself). This site is designed complete with trenches, underground bunkers, shell holes and machine gun nests. Creative Cow (no, really: “creative communities of the world”, they claim; I think that Ron & Kathlyn just like cows) appears to be the place where many of the serious discussions are going on these days. Equipment Emporium (all manner of sound recording, processing, and editing tools; great online articles. There are numerous Allied units: American, British and French along with their allies such as the Russians and Commonwealth Troops. I list a number of the Big Names in the business, but inclusion on the list does not necessarily indicate an endorsement nor does absence from this list imply some sort of deficiency — but I will say that DVLine and ProMax get consistently high marks for service and support. A (generally elongated) iron or steel container equipped with small wheels or brackets running on the shaft guides (buntings) and used for rock and ore haulage in later mines. George must have spent two months in training, during which time they the Army discovered that he could not march because of his hammer toes! daily life in the trenches british trench life in the trenches wwi marion trench what was life like for soldiers in the trenches water trenches support trench wwi diseases trench illnesses french trenches rats in the trenches trench dug lice in the trenches trenches diseases trench lines wwi trench foot cool trench coats living conditions in the trenches life in the trenches diary british trenches what life was like in the trenches mud in the trenches reserve trenches trenches ww2 diseases in the trenches ww trenches trench coat philippines wwi trench life trench hole soldiers in the trenches


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