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My behaviour in this interview has been my best yet because I asked a lot more questions, I tried to put as much cohesion into the interview as possible and my body languuage was really good. I think I could try and find out a bit more information in the next interview so we have even more detail. We have done all of the interviews and I think mine is very good because I have done everything they have asked I have spoke about all of the interviews and I asked as many questions as posssibly from the list we got given. Others, when told to start cleaning a rifle, simply stared ,as if they had, never heard such an order before. Also his work was often relatively posed and formal, but several of his less conventional images are marked by a distinctive use of silhouette. I think I did so much better in this interview because we were in a smaller group and in this it was even more like a conversation becuause we didn’t put our hands up to ask a question and she also asked us a few questions so it was not just us asking questions it was the other way round too. For example Mr Harris said that he used to write letters home to his Mother and Grandmother so I made a version of this letter and made it look old. He said of them: ” I saw madness in these men, the madness that arises freВ»n bodily exhaustion combined with the most abject terror .” I had to research what they did, what type of pictures they took, the meaning behind it and the style they have it such as a brightly coloured photo or a black and white photo and why have they done that. But when it came to the interview we had Mrs Selwood and Nick asked what conflct were you involved in and she said none so we were a bit stuck because we had no idea that she was not involved in any conflict. So still ask a few questions and try and make follow up questions but let other people say more as well because it is a big group. My medium is photography so I had to research different British photographers such as; Tim Hetherington, Bill Brandt, Ernest Brookes and many more. He noted of the survivors that their eyes stared but saw nothing, and if their ears heard they conveyed no message to the brain. Such as square bashing and some of the good sides like him with his friends and he said that he had a lot of communication with home so I may do a letter of some style based on what he said. So we didn’t persevere and we went onto the subjects of school, childhood memories, life during the wars and family history. This interview was one of the best yet because everyone has had a lot more practise in the cohesion of an interview, what an interview includes and body language. They were so thoroughly shocked that they had no consciousness of what went on, Many had forgotten they had firearms to use. In the end I did like this interview because she spoke about her family and she brung in some pictures of her childhood memories and the stories she told were really interesting. Mullins was killed while trying to lead friendly tanks against German pillboxes punishing the American flanks. The fire continued to search for them, and if they were hit, they slumped lower into the sands and did not even can out for an aid man .” Words almost identical with these were written by Captain Hoenig back during the Franco-Prussian War. Also I need to improve on letting other people ask question because I did ask a lot of questions so I need to let other people have a chance. I think I still need to work on the amount of questions I ask in this interview I don’t think I asked that much. I am going to get some of my friends and get some costumes and take pictures of them “fighting for our country” and I am going to use a more modern camera because Tim Hetherington is quite a recent photogapher so he uses a modern camera. So it was that Bush and Mullins spent their morning trying to persuade demoralized infantrymen to resume However, we would be selling short our own human material, and would once again be guilty of gross ignorance about the underlying causes of terror among men who fight, if we took it for granted that the only reason so many men collapsed at Omaha was because they had to go through bullet and she]] fire once they hit the shore. long raincoats for women winter jacket for women sale navy trench coat womens winter trench coat women a trench coat brown trench coat women trench coat for winter ladies long jacket macs coats womens tan trench coat trench coat short rain slickers for women winter coats with hoods for women trench raincoats womens beige trench coat g e t trench coat jackets coats where to buy trench coats winter womens jackets mac coat sale ladies short trench coat womens spring coat long trench coat for women cute trench coats for women short trench coat womens womens trench rain coat ruffle trench coat winter trench coats unique womens coats leather trench coats for women


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