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To the question quis custodiet custodes — Who will mount guard over our guardians, who will engineer the engineers? Again, how romantically misleading are the lyrical accounts of the Middle Ages with which many contemВ­porary theorists of social relations adorn their works! “The challenge of social engineering in our time,” writes an enthusiastic advocate of this new science, “is like the challenge of technical engiВ­neering fifty years ago. This snaking is necessary in order to allow for any anticipated thermal contraction that will take place in the newly joined pipeline. If the first half of the twenВ­tieth century was the era of the technical engineers, the second half may well be the era of the social engiВ­neers” — and the twenty-first century, I suppose, will be the era of World Controllers, the scientific caste system and Brave New World. Any social organВ­ization based upon the assumption that “man” (whoВ­ever “man” may be) desires to be continuously assoВ­ciated with his fellows would be, for many individual men and women, a bed of Procrustes. After the pipe has been solvent welded and allowed to set properly, it is advisable to snake the pipe according to the following recommendations beside the trench during its required drying time (cure time). The social whole, whose value is assumed to be greater than that of its component parts, is not an organism in the sense that a hive or a termitary may be thought of as an organism. The current Social Ethic, it is obvious, is merely a justification after the fact of the less desirable conseВ­quences of over-organization. “Membership in a guild, manorial estate or village proВ­tected medieval man throughout his life and gave him peace and serenity.” Protected him from what, we may ask. It is not good in itself; it is good only to the extent that it promotes the good of the individuals who are the parts of the collective whole. It represents a pathetic attempt to make a virtue of necessity, to extract a positive value from an unpleasant datum. Under their hideous rule personal ends were subordinated to organizational means by a mixture of violence and propaganda, systematic terror and the systematic manipulation of minds. In the more efficient dictatorships of tomorrow there will probably be much less violence than under Hitler and Stalin. And to these misgivings on ethical and psychological grounds must be added misgivings of a purely scientific characВ­ter. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for recommended set and cure times for solvent cemented joints – do not lower into trench until adequate joint strength is achieved. Trench widths will have to be wider where pipe is joined in the trench or where thermal expansion and contraction is a factor. Minimum trench widths may be utilized by joining pipe outside the trench and lowering it into the trench after adequate joint strength has been achieved. Refer to Critical Collapse Pressure Ratings under Engineering & Design Data for additional information. Alas, higher education is not necessarily a guaranВ­tee of higher virtue, or higher political wisdom. Bid larger (total footage) main replacement projects by replacing all under performing water main in an entire neighborhood (as opposed to individual streets) Bid the larger neighborhood replacement projects in the cold weather months (December – March) It is recommended that thermoplastic piping be run within a metal or concrete casing when it is installed beneath surfaces that are subject to heavyweight or constant traffic such as roadways and railroad tracks. This they achieve by (among other methods) legalizВ­ing a degree of sexual freedom (made possible by the abolition of the family) that practically guarantees the Brave New Worlders against any form of destrucВ­tive (or creative) emotional tension. The impersonal forces of over-population and over-organization, and the social engineers who are trying to direct these forces, are pushing us in the direction of a new medieval system. And along with all that “peace and serenity” there was, throughout the Middle Ages, an enormous amount of chronic frustration, acute unhappiness and a passionate resentment against the rigid, hierarchical system that permitted no vertical movement up the social ladder and, for those who were bound to the land, very little horizontal movement in space. belted trench coat trench coat buy conditions in the trenches trenches for kids trench long winter jackets and coats for women outerwear coats for women hooded winter coat ww 1 jackets womens trenchcoat online women pea coat leather trench coats trench diagram womens wool winter coats trench line white trench water trench womens red winter coat trench boxes womens jackets coats life in trenches trench safety trench coat sale trench coat style raincoat with hood women wool pea coats women white wool trench coat what was life like in the trenches ladies designer coats


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