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If American military, once again dons its armour to repeat what it has done innumerable times, it is seemingly for the right to life, the right to travel, the right of people not to be blown up in their homes or on their streets. There is not the slightest real and justified relationship between the sufferings of the deprived people of Palestine and the terrorism of Islamic or non-Islamic organisations attributed to these people. And We Are Civilized also demonstrates the dislike that Ackermann and his troops felt for the Germans. In the opposing pole too, a sophisticated and relatively effective ideological framework in defence of political Islam and Islamic terrorism is taking shape. Nonetheless, for USA, the main issue is the consolidation and expansion of its political and military hegemony and dominance over the world as the only superpower. At this moment, separating the masses of people in the West from the military policy of the ruling elite of these countries requires Herculean enlightening efforts. Condemning and eradicating this terrorism by the working class, particularly in countries of the region, is an essential condition for placing the workers in the leadership of the social struggle to end the age-old miseries of the people of the Middle East. Not only this, but also a possible civil war in Pakistan with serious regional and global consequences, and deep governmental crises in seemingly stable Middle Eastern countries could be the initial result of this military policy. The resolution of the Palestinian question or fighting Islamic terrorism is not the objective of this policy. Binding was not a lieutenant, and he was about as far from being a nationalist as one could imagine.] Binding hated the war and dwelt at length on the human suffering that it caused. There are many historical examples of multi-national armies that have performed well when effectively led and organized. No popular movement can succeed against the war of terrorists without exposing and breaking the ideological framework of this hypocritical war propaganda on both sides of this reactionary conflict. Openly defending political Islam and Islamic terrorism will not be the propaganda banner of this pole. Terrorism is one reality of this conflict, but this conflict and the imminent war are not about terrorism. The Austrians saw themselves as having "Russians before us" and "German machine gunners behind us." Given the choice, many soldiers either shot themselves in the feet or hands or deserted to the Russians. It would be inaccurate to entirely blame the multi-national composition of the army for its ineffectiveness. There is not the slightest real and legitimate relationship between the appalling calamities that have befallen the Jewish people in this century and the suppression and crimes committed by the extremist right wing government in Israel against the Palestinians. He wrote (illogically) that JСЊnger and Carossa, by contrast, did not understand the tragedy of war because they selfishly concentrated on their own "war experiences" and not on the "war." Demoralization spread among the Austrian soldiers because the Germans never allowed them to retreat and often shot those who tried to run away. A terrorism, which seemingly responded to past and present injustices; a terrorism, which seemingly appeared as a reaction to the inhuman and brutal policies of oppressive powers and governments. Interestingly, throughout the years, the Israeli government has also used this exact abuse-excuse rationalization; that is by alluding to the indescribable genocide carried out by Nazis and anti-Semitic groups in various countries against the Jewish people, they have justified the brutal suppression of the deprived people of Palestine and the daily killings of Palestinian youth. Neither the suffering of the people of Palestine nor the historical injustices of the West to the East are the source of this terrorism. In their opinion, the injustice suffered by deprived nations and oppressed people justified this terrorism as a legitimate reaction. Bourgeois state and factions are exploiting and capitalising on the suffering of the deprived people. 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