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And they also play a part in the disputes of the present, by legitimising or undermining the rationales, heroes and myths which influence current debates. Two incidents of mis-handling of bombs by ground crews could easily have resulted in explosions and his death. History is either a moral argument with lessons for the here-and-now, or it is merely an accumulation of pointless facts. What interests us about the past is at least partly a function of what bothers us or makes us curious in the present. Upon the mighty Battlefield he never showed a tear He sent them off to prison camps which filled them full of fear The best use of history is as an inoculation against radical expectations, and hence against embittering disappointments. The past is dead, and nothing that we can choose to believe about it can harm or benefit those who were alive in it. Symbolic rearrangement of the past is of course an unavoidable aspect of all human attempts to make sense of the present. History is the torch that is meant to illuminate the past, to guard us against the repetition of our mistakes of other days. Those who do not change their minds in the course of a decade have probably stopped thinking all together. In any future great national trial, compared with the men of this, we shall have as weak and as strong, as silly and as wise, as bad and as good. The true use of history, whether civil or military, is not to make man clever for the next time, it is to make him wise forever. The past should be so strange that you wonder how you and people you know and love could come from such a time. Out of the skies above them With never a warning wail Swept a storm of thunder and lightning, With murderous steel for hail, It mowed them down like a reaper, And thunder-bolts crashed and crushed, Bruising, and killing, and maiming, Wherever the storm-clouds brushed. For the British came north and the silence was shattered, By rifle – machine gun – trench mortar – grenade. Christ walked in the garden at eventide, And in wrath beheld the wreck; He said “It were better for him who did this deed That he were drowned in the deepest sea A millstone about his neck For he hath offended my little ones In their innocent happy play. When Winton Aerodrome was bombed The “Casualties were small” Just your son, and my son, and little widow Brown’s son, The youngest of them all. We should let nobody tell us that they know all that it contains, or try to prescribe or constrain in advance what it has to tell us. – Sir Michael Howard, “The Causes Of War” People often of masterful intelligence, trained usually in law or economics or perhaps in political science, who have led their governments into disastrous decisions and miscalculations because they have no awareness whatever of the historical background, the cultural universe, of the foreign societies with which they have to deal. “The great tragedies of history occur not when right confronts wrong but when two rights confront each other.” – Henry Kissinger By their selection, ordering, highlighting, attribution and analysis of facts they fashion a particular version of the past. We buried the broken blossoms In a grave in the warm brown earth But Christ gathered up the plantlets, And took them to Paradise He planted them all in a garden fair Where flows the River of Life. Where no storms come near, or death or fear, They will wait for those they left, And will welcome them in at the garden gate United for evermore. If history offers no obvious solutions, however, it does at least provide the comfort of knowing that failure is nothing new. If we are to understand anything of the human mind we must approach the people of the past with humility rather than an overconfident superiority. high low trench coat where to buy trench coats for men white winter jackets for women women trench jacket trench coat long men ladies trench coat mac trench coat petite women coat jacket women ladies rain jackets light brown trench coat womens trench jackets long leather coats for women rainwear for women black winter jackets petite short trench coat fleece coats womens mac trench coat womens full length trench coat ladies winter coats with hoods corky coats coats sale jackets womens long jackets winter outerwear women inexpensive trench coats mens macs coats ladies trench coats waterproof trench coats for cheap black winter coat navy trench coats


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