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And the latter was not only ideas and theory, but a practice accompanied with strong pressure for activity. The supporters of the two strategies often had misunderstandings and even clashes among themselves (among and not between, because sometimes the wings were several). As it was already said, from the very beginning of the Revolutionary movement in Macedonia and Thrace, there were two strategies: immediate unification with Bulgaria or Autonomy as a necessary stage. Ideas for a Balkan Federation and dissolving the Macedonian question in maybe different ways spread all over Bulgaria and Macedonia and tortured the minds of the people and deepened their disorientation. And more – some of the autonomists were influenced up to that moment by the socialist movement, which after the war bore the Communism. The autonomous trend was most powerful at the beginning of the century: the Ilinden-Preobrajenje Uprising proved its inconsistency. After several months they murdered the Minister of the Intermal Affairs, and in the coup d’etat against Stamboliyski the Macedonians participated actively, a Macedonian being the one to kill Stamboliyski. The population in Macedonia continued to be strongly faithful towards Bulgaria, but the soil for cutting its roots with this country and even nation, was prepared during that period. No foot formations since have ever marched as far and fought as many battles in so short a time as did the veteran legions at the height of Roman power. It produced some startling results, pointing to a general conclusion that all of the combat arms were victims of over-loading. The Macedonians did not agree with these words and declared war on him, which, they said, has nothing to do with the political struggles in Bulgaria. Historians ordinarily are missing this very important period of time, when Greece and especially Serbians – these great politicians among the Slavs, took advantage of the situation. The heavy situation in which Bulgaria found herself forced Prime-Minister Alexander Stamboliyski – an Agrarian, to look for way to escape the international isolation. The strong IMORO was divided into Macedonian and Thracian, since the occupators were different and conditions differed. AT least one serious attempt was made in the modern British Army to cope with the problem though in the end the effort was wholly frustrated. In a statement before Serbian journalists in Belgrade he expressed the oppinion that “the Macedonians were not Bulgarians”. And the secret of their mobility as a force came of that exquisite combination of discipline and economy which kept the Roman individual light of foot and united to his comrades. She was on her knees, being compelled to have good relations with Serbia, in order to cut the international isolation. of infantry equipment did not matter, as tanks would dominate the future battlefield and leave little place for infantry. From the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) pieces were torn – the strong at the that time Agrarian Party, supporting good relations with Serbia, created a pro-Serbian wing, which soon began clashing in Vardar Macedonia with the IMRO’s chetas. By a series of calculations which need not be here explained, Colonel Cole has concluded that the individual weights carried within the legions were as follows: To some extent the simultaneous struggle for the development of mobile armored forces tended to obscure the need for making the foot Soldier more mobile . Anyway, one is sure, the history was generous enough towards them in giving them possibilities to try their strategy, and miser enough to render them success. Bulgarian politicians were divided in many different groups: Agrarians and some others wanted to be faithful to the Western Powers and to Versaille; former officers from the Army, the several Liberal parties and the King were inclined for a revision of the Treaty, the Socialists and the Communists divided the society into classes and predicted clashes among them, even provoking them. The Roman carried so little excess into battle that he was able to engage in bodily physical combat, man to man, for an entire day. men trench coat sweater coat faux shearling coat black wool coat pea coats hooded coats for women winter coat sale ladies trench coats on sale quilted coat coats on sale winter leather jackets for women wool pea coat trench coats cheap shearling coats coats & jackets for women long wool coat women winter coats swing coat double breasted coats for women womens white winter coat coats women winter dark blue trench coat long jackets women shearling coat coats & jackets fall coats women barn coat down coats for women wool coats for women womens pea coat


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