It is believed that the chap at left with the long white beard is the Rev John Mackenzie Bacon himself. It may be stretching a point to call this acoustic location, but I could not resist the picture of the Victorian lady sprawled in the grass by the cart-mounted ear-trumpet. Even if snow returns (a few inches are forecast as I write), it does seem as if the pendulum has swung to the mild side. (By “trying hard” I mean that I have allowed some things to die and felt guilty about watering the rest.) But containers are another story. This model was used for location in the First World War, when aircraft flew relatively slowly and acoustic detection was a fairly practical proposition. Such a small reflector will give little gain, but the case under her left arm presumably holds a battery-powered valve amplifier. The exact method of operation is currently unknown, but I suspect was as follows: the man on the left adjusts the mounting elevation until the aircraft noise is apparently central, while the chap on the right adjusts the bearing for the same result. Whether the horns were of crude flat wood construction as they appear to be, or if the flat panels were a protective casing for a more conventional horn remains a matter for speculation at present. I also wish my garden had more textural contrasts between one plant and the next, and at the same time, cohesion in its overall design. This picture shows a civil defence volunteer, probably (judging by the sweater and gloves) from a Scandinavian country. This picture can also be seen in the “Failed Projects” department of the Amplifier Institute, here: Jean Auscher. This remarkable headgear was invented by Frenchman Jean Auscher as an acoustic navigation device in case of radar failure on small vessels. Certainly she is wearing headphones rather than a stethoscope, and is tastefully draped with electrical wires rather than acoustic tubing. The caption describes the personnel as being from the Royal Engineers, (part of the British Army) but it seems more likely that they were actually from the Royal Observer Corps, who were civilians; however, the older chap on the right is wearing a distinctly military forage cap. Adding anything to the garden, whether one variety or two dozen, does require more space than is ever available after a previous summer’s rampant growth. Once more there are three operators, two with stethoscopes linked to pairs of horns for stereo listening. I am willing to water once a day, but never twice, which means following through on what should be an annual resolution to use my smallest containers for toad shelters instead of plants. You already know I’m on the hunt for at least one plant I have no room for and, just as predicted, my favorite seed catalogs arrived last week. However, it can be stated with certainty that they involved balloon ascents from Crystal Palace in London, and a small army of volunteers armed with giant ear-trumpets. I must admit that my first thought was that he was some sort of fruitcake, but Wikipedia put me straight; he was a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and well-respected. I never intend to plant over the top of another and would rather my plants have room to do their thing without being pushed over by more robust neighbors, so edits and eviction notices go out every spring regardless. Unfortunately, the account the Reverend Bacon gives in English Mechanic is so vague and discursive that it is impossible to work out what the purpose of these experiments was. They’ll never need a drop of water from the hose, pollinators of all stripes visit the flowers, and a little later on, goldfinch will perch and peck away at the pretty seedpods. The young lady detects the aeroplane with the small parabolic reflector mounted on her head, and then identifies it with the binoculars she is holding. I have tried very hard not to include plants in my garden that demand supplemental water after becoming established. green trench coat with leather sleeves dkny black trench coat pea coat jacket red leather trench coat womens short trench coat trendy trench coats mens double breasted leather trench coat black and tan trench coat short winter coats womens coats online long winter jackets womens winter jackets sale winter coats for sale womens spring jacket womens black pea coat winter coat sales womens long coat coats and jackets sale trench coast french trench coat bow trench coat ladies long leather trench coat leather trench women womens brown leather trench coat cotton on trench coat black leather trench red trench coat hood neo trench coat russian trench coat mac trench coat women


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