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These things are essential for any interview because it will make a good impression on you even if you were not really listening and also it is very good practise for further interviews. Then in the next lesson with Miss Dawe she looked through our questions and she said that I had to ask questions about school and childhood. Then in Miss Dawes lesson we looked at the different things we needed to take in about interviewing the people from all of the wars. We had to ask these questions because it was some of the requests from the library and that is the sort of things they wanted when we eventually make our record. This is very good practise for all of my other interviews Now all we need to do is make up a lot of follow up questions for our questions to make more cohesion. She said that her family had to suffer through the war and it was really hard but they stuck together as a family so she felt safe. This was really helpful to us because then it let us think of some more questin such as; he talks about square bashing so one question could be “could you explain square-bashing”.Me and Antonia worked together and we came up with quite a few questions. Believing that this was the great lesson of the Omaha operation, and that it was more strongly illuminated there than in other landings during WorId War II because of the decisiveness of that operation and the numbers engaged, I feel that the tactical facts deserve even closer scrutiny than those questions of higher strategy on which we differed with the British or among ourselves. I thought I did better in this interview because it was a smaller group so everyone got to ask questions and my body language was so much better and I looked interested and I was so I did not get bored in any of it. Most of these things are basic manners such as make a good impression and listen to people there is no point doing an interview if your not going to listen and be polite. In the hour of decision, the strength of an army cannot be counted in bodies but in the numbers of men who are spiritually willing and physically able to pick up and move on forward fighting. We do lip service to the principle that the aim in logistics is not simply to support and supply the men on the fire line, but to relieve them of all unnecessary strain and tension. Miss Dawe was filming this so we could use the information for our final project and to evaluate oursleves afterwards. Today we came back from work experience and we started off finishing our presentations because some of us didn’t finish it. In war our treatment of any basic problem reflects in large measure our thinking on the same problem during peace. Just before we interviewed Tom Harris we got all of the chairs into a circle so we could all see eachother and Mr Harris. When Mr Harris got to the school and when we started the interview Miss Dawe asked him if he could start by introducing himself and talking a little bit about himself. I really liked this interview because it was more of a conversation than an interview and he was really chatty and a really nice person. The character of the war evolved from a violent struggle against the Taliban supporters to a complex counterinsurgency effort. The general correctives needed could only have been applied by concrete thinking on the problem well in advance of war. But when I had concluded my work with the survivors of the companies which had landed during the initial Omaha assault, the impression was inescapable that weight and water-directly or indirectly-were the cause of the greater part of our losses at the beach . It is probable that no such information was available to the British Army, or to any other at that time. No one can say with authority whether more men died directly from enemy fire than perished because of the excess weight that made them easy victims of the water . We are doing conflicts because the central library is doing something called SWINDON AT WAR and we thought it would be good f we did it so this would be for our record so we are doing this now at this particular time. It impressed the survivors unforgettably that line of dead men along the sands, many of whom had received but trifling wounds. trench coat raincoat ladies long trench coat womens trench coat cheap trench coat hood winter trench coat for women lined trench coat women hooded trench coats womens white trench coat ladies coats on sale trench coat red black trench coat with hood short black trench coat women trench coat sale women winter jacket sale ladies down coat womens sale coats sale coats and jackets fall coats for women white winter coat women coat with hood women where can i buy a trench coat spring coats for women peacoat sale trench coat fashion black raincoat womens winter ladies jackets british trench coat ladies trench coat sale fall trench coats short coats for women


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