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In the final analysis, this is a show down with political Islam, that is the reactionary movement that the West itself found in the peripherals of Middle Eastern society and brought to the fore to confront the emerging Left in the developing capitalisms of these countries as well as to pressurise the Eastern bloc. If we had an agenda to change the world prior to this incident, then a principled position in the current situation means following the same agenda in the new situation. This is one living example of the incorrectness and insufficiency of the call for calm and the defence of the status quo. We must not allow the legitimate and just opposition to American militarism to be interpreted as leaving Afghanistan in the hands of Taliban. However, political Islam cannot survive in the Middle East without Western support, let alone in a confrontation with the West. This power struggle could remain limited, but due to the un-centralised and extremist nature of political Islam and Islamic terrorism, it is more likely that it will lead to a more fundamental and total confrontation. If this movement goes to dominate the minds and actions of discontented people, then civilised humanity will leave the stage to Western and Eastern terrorists. JСЊnger claimed that the German soldiers fought with undiminished morale to the bitter end of the war despite the overwhelming Allied superiority in men and material. But this is a small step in a wider, military and political move in the Middle East, whose eventual extent is not yet revealed. These must form the agenda and the banner of the popular resistance movement against the war of terrorists. This position wishes Jack Straw success in his trip to Iran so that hopefully this pole of Islamic terrorism can be tamed and pacified, despite the fact that this policy strengthens the rule of these wolves over the people in Iran. It condemns racism and incitement against Moslems but does not see any reason to put pressure on the USA and Israel in defence of the people of Palestine. JСЊnger was unafraid to admit that there were times when German soldiers committed apparent atrocities. JСЊnger experienced a full four years of fighting but most British and German soldiers spent much less time at the front. We did not want terrorism, be it Islamic and suicidal or military and uniformed and high-tech; we do not accept the poverty of half the world; we do not want fortresses and barracks around Europe, we will not succumb to racism and ethnicism. The ultimate goal of the book was to inculcate a feeling of national pride among Germans and convince them that the greatness of pre-war Germany could and should be restored. The question is the government that is to replace it and the guarantee that the people of Afghanistan must have regarding their right and opportunity to decide the political system in their country. But their own analyses shows that political Islam and Islamic terrorism does not have a central headquarters, unified command and an hierarchical organisation; it is an international movement made up of government agencies and circles, various organisations, networks and circles, which are weaved together in a series of official and unofficial relations, as an underground movement, with extensive degree of initiative at the local level. Nor was he afraid, despite the anti-French feeling of many German nationalists, to compliment the French civilians for their kindness; he wrote that all soldiers should uphold the French example of "internationality of the heart." He wrote, for example, that German soldiers sometimes massacred British soldiers attempting to surrender. We do not intend to leave Afghanistan under the yoke of the murderous gang of Taliban, we do not intend to live under the rule of a trigger-happy USA, we do not intend to tolerate political Islam or Islamic governments in the Middle East, we do not intend to accept the statelessness of Palestinians and their everyday suppression. He believed that the Germans were able to do so because of their faith in the greatness of Germany and their unwavering loyalty and devotion to duty. Any attempt to impose another gang on the people of Afghanistan through wheeling and dealings between USA, Pakistan, Iran and any other state is condemned. The principled position is the participate in overthrowing the Taliban shoulder to shoulder with the people of Afghanistan and the progressive opposition, and fighting for the establishment of a government elected by the people of that country. 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