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The Germans decide to take their strategic bombing campaigns down several notches, making them purely night-time affairs to avoid further losses. Their army is shattered and in no condition to resist an invasion, but they still have the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the English Channel to protect them. More importantly, the Germans keep their word to France and let them keep what remains of the French Navy—three (damaged) battleships, and a handful of cruisers and destroyers. German Archives usually do not conduct extensive research, you have to do this on your own or use a professional research service.) Fortunately for the British, the Luftwaffe is exhausted by the high-tempo close air support operations which Bewegungskrieg operations require, so the Germans must pause for several weeks to rest and reequip their air forces before a full-scale assault can begin. If your ancestor was an officer or official in the Wehrmacht, the Bundesarchiv in Freiburg ( Bundesarchiv, Abteilung MilitaМ€rarchiv ) holds personnel documents. During the war, the Norwegian fleet secured a lifeline to the British Isles, making it possible for the British to endure German siege. In this battle, the Wehrmacht was pushed as far inland as the Swedish border and was on the verge of surrendering. In the north, Trondheim was taken without a gunshot, and the city of Narvik surrendered, most likely because the local army chief was a member of the Quisling party. is suspended pending the acquisition of sufficient Lebensraum and industry to produce a massive surface fleet—the minimum time-frame for which is five years, hopefully. Read publications on certain units (often written by veterans with a strong bias), literature on a particular theatre and modern literature on the general history of World War II for a broader perspective. The Alexandrian flotilla of one battleship and four cruisers does not surrender but promises to sit out the war, which the Royal Navy reckons is good enough. The Luftwaffe does its best to put pressure on the RAF by targeting its aerodromes and radar installations. This was because British intelligence, lead by William Stephenson, code name:Intrepid, had created the Doublecross system where any captured German spies (And post-war analysis realized that the British caught all the agents!) were forced to choose to become double agents or face execution. It contains information that might also be helpful for genealogical questions other than those concerning the POW himself: (The latter is often possible for simple tasks like information on the membership in the Nazi party (NSDAP) and other “standardizes” research tasks. You have to fill your details, what you are working on and what is the purpose of your research (academic, private (e.g. note And, as it turns out, it never will be reinforced, other wartime needs (such as tank and U-boat production) taking priority. Britain therefore quietly seizes the French ships that had taken refuge from the fall of France in Plymouth and Portsmouth, and issues ultimata to the French flotillas in Alexandria and Mers-el-Kébir: surrender or be destroyed. But by then, the Norwegian government was in exile, and the Norwegian commercial fleet had been ordered to seek refuge in neutral ports. The German Red Cross, Suchdienst MГјnchen has access to records on prisoners in Soviet captivity and missing soldiers. Some mountainous areas were so narrow, the Norwegians just fortified the mountainsides, knowing that German vehicles only had one small country road to use. Aerial superiority, therefore, is essential to shepherd an invasion force across the Channel and protect their supply convoys afterwards. Operation Sea Lion (which was never taken all that seriously to begin with) note Not only do the Gernmans lack the doctrine, experience and equipment necessary for a successful amphibious assault against a defended coast (as does everyone else at this point) the scale of the forces assembled for Sea Lion look like a bad joke compared to the Armada the Allies will put together for their later amphibious invasion of Normandy. A lot of records were destroyed, so there might be gaps and the military career might be reconstructed from listings only, not from individual personal records. sweater coats womens dress coats winter coats on sale printed trench coat trench coats for women cheap hooded coats for women winter coats womens winter coat swing coats black raincoat women trench coats cheap trench coats with hoods long raincoat women long down coat spring jackets ladies long winter coats best womens winter coats gallery coats quilted coat mens winter coats long ladies coat jacket coats womens winter coats cashmere coats womens winter jacket sale english trench coat mac coat womens down coats for women military trench coats down coats


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