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Thus, Vidkun Quisling had already made a trip to Germany, assuring Hitler that Norway would cooperate if necessary. They travelled through the country for two months, practically with the Wehrmacht at their heels in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, a Norwegian journalist in Lübeck telegraphed home on an alarming mass of ships scheduled for the north sea. biographical information about his parents, wife and siblings (name, surname, age, profession, place of residence) and even more details on the father (possessions) They even put together an expeditionary force to send to Finland, should the latter formally ask them for it. Please see this introduction (in German): Soldaten im Ersten Weltkrieg Findmittel zu den Personalunterlagen des XIV. Thus, a movie made from the bombing of Warsaw was shown at the very beginning of April, to underline the point of what the Wehrmacht actually could manage. Within the forces of the German Empire, dominated by Prussia, the contingents of Bavaria, WГјrttemberg and Saxony remained semi-autonomous and also kept their own records. The Allies had been extraordinarily keen to get Finland on their side as part of their wider strategy of blockading Germany. The military leadership, and even the government, was alerted on this, but forces inside the “joint Chiefs of staff adviced caution. Great Britain was also wary that Norway might fall under German influence, because of the iron shippings from Narvik. This is because having ground troops in the area, who could use Finland as a base, would allow them to project their (military) power into the Baltic and hopefully get Sweden to stop exporting steel to Germany (by “offering ” to buy it themselves ). The Finns subsequently dub their improvised petrol bombs—of the same type used by desperate infantrymen trying to take out tanks in China and Spain—”Molotov Cocktails “. You’ll get a summary where you can see which column contains which information and have to look for translation elsewhere. This cell is brought over to the “shuttle,” a separate device moored near the submersible, that carries heavy equipment to and fro. Information on Luftwaffe officers is compiled on a private website: Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries . During the crucial end of March and beginning of April, Britain mined parts of the Norwegian coastline, stirring a debate in the Norwegian parliament on what exactly the British were up to. That they lasted so long is a point of real pride for the Finns and a cause of serious concern for Stalin, who came to understand that the reforms he instituted to politicize the Red Army were a bad idea and have severely impacted its fighting ability. Except for some Reichsmarine (navy) records, almost all individual documents from the Prussian army are lost. German embassies in Norway were well aware of the invasion plans, and used a lot of propaganda to keep Norwegian public and officials from acting rashly. Over the coming months, Germany soon draws neutral-but-Axis-sympathetic Sweden and a now-embittered, staunchly anti-Russian and anti-Soviet Finland into their orbit… The database was created from inquiries from family members and other parties, it is no collection of all missing soldiers. When the Soviets started dropping cluster and incendiary bombs on Finnish towns, Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov claimed they were actually dropping food—”Bread Baskets”—for the starving Finnish proletariat. In the Oslo fjord, the German attack fleet suffered equally heavy losses, with the heavy cruiser Blücher going down with all hands. military information (drafting date, branch of service, unit, dog tag number, rank, function, awards, if surrendered of captured, date and place) best trench coat brands womens pea coat mens trench coats classic trench coats puffer coat long winter coats on sale pink trench coats puffer coats short winter coats for women cotton trench coat women rain coats raincoats for ladies mens winter coat trench coats online ladies winter coat sale wool coats for women hooded coats women pea coats on sale long womens jackets wool coats winter jacket womens skirted trench coat classic mac coat rain coat down coat black trench coat with hood quilted coats womens coats jackets womens white trench coat trench coat red


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