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The decision largely depends on our European partners: Do they want stable, guaranteed and absolutely transparent energy supply from Russia, which they badly need, without any transit risks? GRIGORY DUBOVITSKY, RIA NOVOSTI: Mr President, I’d like to go back to the situation on the currency market, which changes from one day to another and is a great concern for millions of Russians. Are you asking if we plan to force our companies, our main exporters, who receive revenues in foreign currency, to sell it? When headers are installed in an external trench it is important to provide frost protection in the viewing area to minimize a slip hazard. Not to mention that it is a huge construction site that will create jobs and generate tax income at every level, and revive Russia’s Far East and the entire region. To prevent the mixing of topsoil with subsoil, topsoil is stripped from either the full work area or from the trench and subsoil storage area (ditch plus spoilside method). The bending machine uses a series of clamps and hydraulic pressure to make smooth, controlled bends in the pipe. In principle, the best route would be the shortest possible connection between Vyborg in Russia and Greifswalder Bodden in Germany, however, the seafloor is not a flat featureless plain, but has a varying morphology with rocky outcrops, cliffs, trenches etc. We have reached all the key agreements with them, which cover the pricing formula, supply schedule and other aspects. Unlike most civil engineering projects, trenching schemes are not confined to a recognized site but, by their nature, connect distant locations and involve working ina variety of rural and urban environments. Without it, we would never be able to connect Eastern Siberia and the Far East to the gas distribution system. We won’t go this far, and so the Central Bank and the Government are not planning, quite correctly as far as I see it, to limit our exporters in this field. In trench construction, one of the tasks for the engineers is to select a suitable route to minimize construction costs and obstructions. We more or less understand their requirements, and we will certainly sell them what we have and what they need. We built the so-called Blue Stream pipeline many years ago, and now our Turkish partners are considering increasing the supplies to the Turkish market. This doesn’t mean, though, that the Government should not act through its representatives on company boards. We will be able to link together the western and eastern gas pipeline systems and promptly rechannel resources back and forth when needed, depending on the international market. The next step in this case should be to set a limit on the purchase of foreign currency on the domestic market. The thing is that there is no cheaper and more reliable supplier than Russia, and there won’t be any in the near future. This paper develops a GIS based system to automate the process of routing and design of the underground electric distribution supply system. Because the pipeline is relatively inflexible and cannot twist and turn to avoid such obstacles, careful mapping of the seafloor is needed to identify feasible routes for the Nord Stream Project and to reduce seabed intervention works to a minimum. Then we’ll start working, and the pipeline would reach Macedonia via Greece, go on to Serbia and to Baumgarter in Austria. They would just buy it back the next day, as it happened in Kiev and as it happens in other countries. The addition of a header trench will increase the initial cost of the facility but will pay for itself with the ease of repair of just one problem. They are partly state-owned, which means that we can influence their policies, but without issuing any directives or restrictions. white trenchcoat womens trenchcoat aigle trench coat trench coat canada trench coat woman white trench coat male black wool trench coat mens summer trench coat trencoat trenchcoat man trench coat leather men next mens trench coat trench coat winter men mens brown long coat metallic trench coat womans trench coat soft trench coat next trench coat london trench coat benetton trench coat french coat men mantel online geox trench coat topshop trench coat trench coat kids mens coat stores trenchcoat mafia brown down jacket mens pea trench coat brown shearling coat


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