In respect of the services of Michael Kelly as our guide what can I say, not only is he a very likeable person who is easy to get on with but is an exceptionally professional guide who not only knows his subject but is willing and very able to communicate it in an excellent manner. I have to say booking it from NZ and having never heard of yourselves we were wondering if there would be anyone at the train station in Caen on our arrival! He showed his passion for the history of the tank and the memorial he built for the tank crew of the time. I really feel that I have been where Frank was and understand it how he saw it – albeit we had a peaceful sunny day and his experience was horrific. The little details he gave us as we went round on the tour gave us a great insight as to what it would have been like back then. Even though he had tiring days with many miles of driving he never once seemed put off by it and always seemed to put us first for his attention which made our trip so enjoyable. I would like to thank you again for all the research and planning you did for my tour to France and Belgium. Everything was well organised from start to finish and the planning and research was excellent, it was a pleasure to travel with your company. It was also wonderful to really confirm the area Jack worked in with the Pioneers with the visiting of his comrades graves at Hooge and Birr Cross Roads. Online essays on a variety of news-related topics, including some nuts-and-bolts stuff and some more esoteric thoughts on the direction the industry is going He was able to give us an in depth view of the Loos battlefield where our relation was lost which gave us some small idea of what he and thousands of others went through and was then able to take us to the cemetery and come up with a very fitting poem and wreath. I know I have a much deeper appreciation and respect for the courage of our young men who serve and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in service. I did see the site was also listed on SEDO.com, which I have used, which suggested a little legitimacy. Owning a premium .com gives you great benefits including better SEO, name recognition, and providing your site with a sense of authority. He knows the areas, seems very well respected by all of the people he has to deal with and made the whole trip not only such a success but a real pleasure. Anyway, i called and got a voicemail, which was a bit sketchy, got a call back, called back got the same guy, which seemed a little odd, like a one man show. Just a few lines to say a very big thank you for the recent trip you arranged with my nephew Steven Georgiou which we both enjoyed greatly. We just had to tell you of our appreciation of the professionalism, enthusiasm and the attention to detail exhibited by our guide (he was much more than that) Chris Wesley. Now that we are back home in Perth, Faye and I want to let you know how pleased we were with the Journey to the Western Front tour arranged for us and with the companionship of our very congenial touring partners Malcolm, Tony and Alistair. Fortunately Michael was there & waiting and we started with a bang seeing Pegagus Bridge and having lunch at the Gondree Cafe. Computer-assisted reporting, including an online repository of statistics on crime, taxes, and a few other things. British Special Constabulary Long Service Medal – Thoman White A George V Long Service Medal to the Special Constabulary. This domain name is currently registered at NameBright.com, but you are free to transfer the domain name to any registrar of your choice. “Ok, so i was super skeptical to start with this site; I have bought and sold lots of domains in my time, but not used or heard of these guys until now. As soon as the sun came out there would be a blizzard of bluebottles; some trees that looked as if they were covered in tar were, in fact, covered in flies. life in a trench marianas trench coat images nice trench coat trench coat philippines mud in the trenches army trench shop trench coat trench between front and support trench trench coat styles trench dug life in the trenches diary trench illnesses wwi diseases rats in the trenches xxl trench coat wwi trenches today wwi trench foot trenches diseases trench locations life in the trench lice in the trenches a line trench trench fashion cool trench coat gallery trench coats what life was like in the trenches marianna trench trenches game conditions in trenches


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