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The German genealogy association Verein fГјr Computergenealogie has the only complete, indexed and freely accessible collection of them. It put the faults with the post-purge Red Army on display for all the world to see and forced Stalin to recognise that the Red Army had to be reformed, with figures such as GRU (military intelligence directorate) chief Colonel Ivan Proskurov metaphorically tearing Stalin a new one in secret military councils called to determine just what the hell went so very bloody wrong. The supply services were completely unprepared to sustain the campaign due to the utter lack of prior planning, forcing extensive improvisation and therefore waste and inefficiency. Finland agreed to a harsh peace because it had been economically and militarily incapable of continuing the war, and everyone knew it. Thus, when it was clear that France had lost, many of her soldiers (wisely) legged it rather than die pointlessly—and her leadership looked for a way to end the war on the least harsh terms possible under the circumstances, i.e. The names are listed according to the soldier’s units, so if your ancestor was killed or injured, was missing in action or became a POW, you can reconstruct where he was fighting and which unit he was a member of around this time. Returning to the war at hand, the Red Army wasted no time in touting the failed operations of the Winter War as damning indictments of its own degraded capabilities: Nevertheless, after the dust settles, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France have all fallen to the Axis Powers. These books often give a detailed insight on routes and military action and sometimes also contain photos and listings. Combat Reconnaissance and Deep Reconnaissance were not conducted, leading to a total inability to identify defensive positions, troop concentrations, and artillery concentrations in the enemy rear areas outside full-scale combat. During the war the army announced deaths, injuries, missing soldiers and prisoners of war in the so-called Verlustlisten . This textbook example of a successful small-scale encirclement operation saw the Soviet operational commander, Colonel Georgiy Zhukov, later appointed to the post of Chief of the General Staff (STAVKA) after the Winter War. This worked out about as well as one might expect, with his forces many isolated and overextended columns being cut to ribbons by Finnish hit-and-run raids. As a grain, steel, and oil exporter, one might assume that the Soviet Union would not have been particularly bothered by this. In retrospect, this incident was almost certainly a set-up by the the border troops of the NKVD, the fore-runner to the KGB (which functioned as the border guard, police service, secret police service, foreign intelligence service, and fire service ). Engineers were often used in generic combat roles with no regard to their proper use in assaulting enemy fortifications, dismantling enemy minefields and obstacles, and creating and repairing infrastructure in the rear areas. They usually contain short biographical information like occupation and place of residence, military career (rank, participation in battles, awards) and information on the soldier’s parents. Weather and geography were rarely anticipated or accounted for, resulting in delays and chaos when they inevitably affected the actual conduct of operations. Several of the (relatively few) “Red” Finnish survivors had fled to the USSR, and helped dampen results. Poor observation, reconnaissance, and data-processing times meant poor accuracy in bombardments requested during attacks and a near-total inability to target and suppress enemy artillery in a timely fashion. I haven’t used the Saxon archive on my own, so I don’t know if research for individual military records is conducted by the archive. These lists are sorted by unit and contain information on those to be contacted (mostly family members) as well. The fall of France can be better understood if one notes the near-total collapse of French morale that came with the encirclement and then destruction of the Belgian pocket; with this one stunning strategic victory French defeat was certain, and her soldiers knew this all too well. the current five-year plan is focused on trying to build up the number of transport trucks (which are all . 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