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Conn took his eyes from the slot from which the tape would come, and watched the second-hand of the clock above it. Conn and Sylvie and General Shanlee and the three men and two women Conn had taught on Koshchei worked and rested briefly and worked again. It had taken some time to phrase that in symbols a computer would find comprehensible; the answer, at great length, emerged in two minutes eight seconds. The second information-request went in: What is the best course to be followed under these conditions by the people of Poictesme? Deprived of hope, they would turn to frantic violence and smash everything they most wanted to preserve. “I had to go in the army because Kitchener put a poster on the wall which said: “We want you. Two centuries for the Federation as such; at most, another century of irregular trade and occasional war between independent planets, Galaxy full of human-populated planets as poor as Poictesme at its worst. In ignorance, the peoples of the Federation worlds would go on, striving to keep things running until they wore out, and then sinking into apathetic acceptance. Left in ignorance, there might be a planet here and there that would keep enough of the old civilization to serve, in five or so centuries, as a nucleus for a new one. But if they found out that the Federation was doomed, everybody would be trying to snatch what they could, and end by smashing everything. When Lord Kitchener called for volunteers for the British Army he could not have predicted the rush that occurred. “Steam Engine Time” is a science fictional concept that when the time is ripe for Invention X it will be independently created by isolated individuals all over the world. Besides, there was a chance that it might survive the Federation; when a new civilization arose it would be useful. “You mean, ask Merlin to tell us whether it ought to be destroyed or not?” Ledue asked incredulously. However, the impact of industrialisation on the way wars were fought had not been fully realised despite what had occurred during the American Civil War – battles fought in America during this war may have given Europe some inkling of what to expect in terms of casualties. If you were eighteen, you could enlist but you had to remain in the UK until you were nineteen before being posted abroad. Forty years of history for almost five hundred planets had to be abstracted and summarized, and translated from verbal symbols to the electromathematical language of computers and fed in. The Terran Federation, overextended, had been cracking for a century before the War; the strain of that conflict had started an irreversible breakup. In scenes witnessed all over the UK, tens of thousands went to their nearest recruitment office to volunteer. The rule of thumb seemed to be perfectly simple: if the volunteer wanted to fight for his country and was physically fit enough to do so, why stop him? Few, if any, of the recruitment officers had time and probably the inclination to check the age of the volunteers. When in Krakow, it is also worthwhile visiting the Polish Aviation Museum, which displays authentic combat planes dating back to World War I Informed in advance of the doom of the Federation, they would all go down together in the same bloody shambles, and there would be a Galactic night of barbarism for no one knows how many thousand years.” Cultural self-sufficiency; establishment of universities, institutes of technology, research laboratories. Therefore recruitment offices had to handle tens of thousands of men and youths who wanted to show their patriotic fervour. cape coat trench camel coat fashion coats long coats women leather trench coat for men cheap womens trench coat duffle coat women trench navy pea coat pea coats for women winter coats men red womens trench coat pink pea coat hooded coat trench coat dresses women long trench coat khaki trench coat womens brown jacket for women brown duster coat men mens dark brown trench coat brown wool coat flared trench coat womens brown wool coat pea coat men classic mens trench coat field coat long brown coat men black trench coats for men mens trench jacket


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