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Thus, if we are ever called on to fight in anyone of those countries we should be better prepared in the specialized aspects of this mode of transportation. At the very least, we should maintain a nucleus of expertness and skills within our military establishment; it would not be remiss to organize and train for service in pack transport, at least on a limited or cadre basis. Cells of the Dutch Resistance managed to pass on reports that two SS Panzer Divisions were being held in reserve near Arnhem (the main target city, without which the operation was useless), but the Allied High Command distrusted them. The likelihood of similar situations developing in other parts of the world is already a hard reality. The presence of skilled leadership such as Gerd von Rundstedt and Walter Model allows the Germans to stabilize the front line just along their border, helped by Allied supply problems worsened due to the failure of Market Garden. The advance soon grinds to a halt as the Allies must literally wait for their supplies to catch up to them. and Canadian forces, though this goes unnoticed by all but the very highest echelons of the Western Allied command, and only becomes apparent in retrospect. To compound the situation, late reports indicate that no imminent action appears likely regarding the proposals advocated by the Special Forces at Fort Bragg. Allied forces race forward to confront the rapidly retreating Germans, well ahead of their supply lines (which become dangerously long due to a lack of deep water ports and have to be driven all the way from Normandy). By the beginning of September, the Allies find themselves advancing on towns they had not expected to reach until the following spring . If it succeeds, they will be able to cross the Rhine and seize the Ruhr, the industrial heart of Germany. The British are dropped nearly ten miles away from their target area, due to heavy flak defenses in Arnhem, and the Germans overrun their resupply zones and isolate them. To add insult to injury, Market Garden delays Allied efforts to make the port of Antwerp usable, which would likely have solved the logistics problems. Unfortunately, a combination of bad weather, inaccurate intelligence, insuperable logistics and poor equipment causes the operation to fail despite the best efforts of the troops, particularly those working in intelligence. The Americans are able to take their targets without too much of a problem, except for Nijmegen (which involves a dangerous river crossing), but the advance of XXX Corps slows considerably the further north they drive on a single-lane highway. Most of these countries are characterized by rugged, terrain, extremes of weather and poor transportation facilities. In any of the countries noted as possible battlegrounds, our forces may be called upon to fight a counter-guerrilla and counter-insurgency operation. Despite the vast withdrawal, the Allied High Command believes that the Wehrmacht is a spent force which poses little threat. Today, we are totally unprepared in the many faceted tactical and logistic characteristics of pack transport in the event we may have to resort to it in any kind of war. Meanwhile, the Germans suspect that an Allied thrust through Holland is imminent and quickly work to replenish their divisions, many of which are at token strength. Unable to supply both of his top generals, British Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery in the north and American General George S. British industry continues to churn out tanks and guns for the Canadian forces until the end of the war. As autumn continues, the war in both the West and the East enters a brief lull while the Allies attempt to reposition themselves along the German border. Nightly bombing raids devastate the German infrastructure, though for civilians they become as routine as the weather. Further intensification can lead to increasingly organized guerrilla and insurgency operations, and then to limited war. rain trench coat women navy blue trench flared skirt trench coat short womens trench coat navy spring coat trench pea coat beige mac coat mens suede trench coat trench coat men slim fit white trench coat womens trench coat jacket men ladies mac coat short coats for ladies classic black trench coat unique trench coats technical trench coat ladies short black trench coat hooded trench coats for women best trench coats women trench coat no belt rain trench coat womens cheap tan trench coat tan trench coat with leather sleeves mens slim fit black trench coat men long overcoat trench raincoats for men brown pea coat for women orange trench coat men trench men mens winter trench coats for sale


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