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More specifically, It stated that on the march, for training purposes, the optimum load, including clothing and personal belongings, Stonewall Jackson created an infantry which maneuvered fast by keeping the individual working load to a minimum. One of the main tasks of the BCCCM was to publish a declaration: “BULGARIANS, Macedonia is liberated! The Committees that would be formed in the different places throughout Macedonia were called Local Bulgarian Campaign Committees (LBCC). The Roman legionary recruited usually at twenty and selected from the peasantry on a basis of sturdy strength rather than height . Oliver Cromwell made his Roundheads fast of foot by reducing their equipment to less than forty pounds . In combat more rations and munitions were added and very little of the training load was eliminated, at least by official order. The commission found that with few exceptions, the armies of the past had honored the principle that lightness of foot in the individual produced buoyancy in the attack more in the breach than the observance. Although the Bulgarian authorities were not established yet, the BCCCM announced in the declaration: “Macedonia is free and is already in the Bulgarian national unity”. Finally, it reached the absolute conclusion that not in excess of forty to forty-five pounds was a tolerable load for an average-sized man on a road march. But assuming that such a republic would be under German protectorate, which would not be desirable, Stephanov and Hadjikimov rejected this idea. The atmosphere at that time in Macedonia was suitable for creating an organization of the kind that Stephanov and Hadjikimov had mind. Only half a day appeared to be enough for the BCCCM to prepare Bulgarian flags and to hang them outside all Bulgarian houses. The German commandant in Skopje answered the delegation of the BCCCM that he would give the power to the Bulgarians, if only they could give him proofs that the Bulgarians predominated to Skopje. Such an organization would be able to assist the Bulgarian authorities, which were to be established there and which supposedly, would not be familiar with the local conditions. It chose an executive Committee: President Stephan Stephanov, Deputy (Vice-President) Spiro Kitinchev, Secretary Vassil Hadjikimov, cashier Kroum Organdjiev and advisors Blagoy Popankov, Ivan Piperkov, Dr. The great ideal – l i b e r t y – for which Macedonia waged century-long struggles with an unprecedented heroism and with a lot of sacrifices, is already a reality.” Along with this, the declaration briefly declared the program before the people: unification with Bulgaria. The latter informed them that a session with representatives of different organizations would be held. The arrival of Stephanov and Hadjikimov appeared to be just the spark, which enflamed the hearts of the people for patriotic activities. All over the city there were Bulgarian flags although there was no official Bulgarian representative in it. But compared to this reality, we continued until the end of the war to overload our forces with food every time we staged a major attack. In that situation local authorities were created in some places in Macedonia even spontaneously, long before any instructions were given. The purpose of this session, where a German representative was invited, was to create an independent Republic of Macedonia. In Skopje they found their old friends – the lawyer Blagoy Popankov and the merchant Illiya Attanassov. There are many areas of combat knowledge, we have hardly begun to explore, and We are informed least of all about the nature of the combat line. petite coats women leather trench coat men wool trench coat peacoats trench vest designer trench coats women black coats wool coat dress coats trench coat men black trench coat for men pea coats for men purple coat red pea coat white trench coat mens cheap womens trench coats trench coat black mens best mens trench coat mens pea coat chocolate brown trench coat overcoats mens long coats padded coat camel wool coat winter coat mac coats for women leather trench coat mens parka coats trench coats for men on sale ladies winter coats


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