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Delbrueck worked according to the principle that what the sources said about operations should be challenged if they did not square with “physical possibility”; this means applying to history the same rule by which we measured the phenomena of the battlefield in Europe and Central Pacific, and which I now say should be applied to all that we do logistically. No wonder then, that the Bulgarians from Macedonia, mobilized in the Yugoslav army, refuse to fight, lay down arms, and surrender to the Germans. Of course some pro-Yugoslavian pro-Agrarian groups existed, and also pro-Soviet pro-Communist, which were opposed to the strongly nationalistic Bulgarian IMRO, but those groups were small, and were not of importance, at least at that time. Cole, has checked most of the ancient sources on this subject and has been guided largely by the reasoning and conclusions of Delbrueck, the great German military historian. This was the territory where in fact the different wings of the Organization, the fractions and groupings found their combat field among themselves. But the lack of Bulgarian troops and official Bulgarian powers caused certain political vacuum, in which the so called campaign committees (CC) arose. And the population there, as well as the Revolutionary Organizations, did not recognize any other nationality, except the Bulgarian one. He held that the Roman Legion must have operated within these weight limits, else it would have been impossible to explain its extraordinary mobility. The fast advance of the German troops in Macedonia created possibilities for overthrowing the odious Serbian and Greek power in the district. In the course of the talks it became clear that the problem of organizing the Bulgarian population in Macedonia could be solved by two active figures – Stephan Yanakiev Stephanov and Vassil Hristov Hadjikimov. A part of Macedonia, which was liberated, the so called Pirin district, was turned into a main basis of the revolutionary movement. The supporters of an anti-Bulgarian trend among the Macedonian population between the two world wars should have to research the situation in the Pirin district between the wars. IMRO of course was the most powerful and their leader Ivan Mihajlov was in fact a factor in the Bulgarian policy. In other words, it was soundness in logistics, and lightness in the individual, which made the Legion the most mobile force the world has ever known. It would express that at a time, when the Serbian and Greek police and Gendarmerie were occupied with a denationalization, the Bulgarian Government gave in fact a full possibility for a full self-determination of the population in the Pirin district. It arose in conversations among some representatives of the former Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (united). These were the historical figures Pavel Shatev (the only one alive at that time from the Solun’s outrages), Alexo Martulkov, Hristo Ampov, Stephan Stephanov and Vassil Hadjikimov. In this situation, IMRO tryed to do its best to be faithful to its philosophy not to meddle in the political matters in Bulgaria, but to do its job in Macedonia. Such things as hand-mills, cooking utensils, tentage and entrenching tools were carried in the trains . Even this was a generous conclusion, since we know now that the Mediterranean man of that period was smaller in weight and in frame than modern man. It raised an eyebrow at the military thinkers for never having given serious consideration to that probability. Fuller in a recent letter: ” The Soldier cannot be a fighter and a pack animal at one and the same time, any more than a field piece can be a gun and a supply vehicle combined. According to them these political goals could be achieved only by following two basic missions: destroying the Serbian and Greek authorities in Macedonia, and uniting the people in an organization. They worked down the following plan: first, if the conditions required that Bulgaria should not engage in the war, they would struggle for the autonomy of this region; second, if there were a plebiscite for joining any of the neighboring countries, they would urge the people to take part in campaigns, demonstrations, petitions for joining Bulgaria. However, the commission mildly suggested that there might be a radical difference between the weight-carrying ability of a Soldier on a march, where he is thinking only of putting one foot in front of the other, and his limits in a fight-where his life depends on his quick wit. winter coats on sale cheap winter coats jacket for ladies faux fur coat red wool coat cashmere coat faux fur coats winter coats women sports coats mens wool coat white winter coats men winter coats velvet coat p coats for women long coat womens long pea coats for women mens wool coats spring coats women women long coat ladies long raincoats womens long winter jackets trench coat women petite trench coats for men trench coat brands raincoat for women trench coat navy ladies winter coats and jackets cute rain jackets wool peacoat trench coats for women cheap


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