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In the haunting words of Erich Maria Remarque which open the film, "This story is neither an accusation nor a confession and least of all, an adventure, for death is not an adventure for those who stand face to face with it. The movie did very well and Ayers continued to have a successful film career, that is until WW II came along. Airborne Spirit of “LOGOPs” because it would empower the little group of Paratroopers to have its own armored, air, amphibious and x-country mobility (XCM), firepower and vital supplies all in one package under their ownership and control. The mech pussies have no concept of a cavalry that has to be lighter than the main body in order to serve it by moving ahead of it to make first contact with the terrain and human enemies to develop the situation according to our initiative. Secondly, these cowards do not understand WARFARE–which is about winning battles and not personal survival concerns over tank dueling. Therefore, making a tank fly is simply a matter of mathematics; provide enough lift either by fixed or rotary wings. In his books, he called for detachable KIWI pods that fight and air-deliverable light tanks THAT WOULD BE OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE PARATROOPER. A fixed-wing plane needs thrust to move forward to get air flowing over its wings to make induced lift and then when it rotates its nose the wing gets dynamic lift from the air hitting the underside of the wing causing action-reaction. Without a cavalry making first contact with the enemy ahead and developing situations on our terms, the main body slams into every problem and gets tangled up. Find some closed terrain, and the LINNIEs walk in and claim they must foot-slog and illogically road truck hop all over the place as we see absurdly in Afghanistan. No, THEY WERE MADE BEFOREHAND IN A FACTORY after much THOUGHT and experimentation by equipment designers and engineers. If you take what the LINNIEs are saying at face value–which is what they want–why does the Paratrooper need ANY equipment? Conversely, if you keep a function within a large bureaucracy and have it compete for resources and use in plans it will be ignored in favor of whatever the main body groupthink finds sexier. Because the mech pussies have weak egos they want everyone to be mediocre like them in a main body borg someone superior to them in any way hurts their feelings. Remarque is searingly honest about the realities of war and the way in which it alters the accepted boundaries of human morality and behaviour. You can see the trend here; whenever you separate a function to a bureaucracy you lose that function when you need it. Thankfully, the version on video is the theatrically released film with more graphic scenes and no commercial breaks. Needless to say, this ruined his career until it later came out that he served with distinction during the War in the Pacific as an ambulance driver and medic. Essentially, what a tank does with its body is condenses itself into a very thick form or shell so it can withstand enemy attacks. The whole point was that Russia was getting ready to invade Germany and Hitler had no choice but to strike first, which caught the offensively-equipped Red Army at a disadvantage. But "All Quiet on the Western Front" goes further than demonstrating physical hardship and destruction. And of course, the AeroGavins could be ARMED with air-to-air missiles so if any MIG bounces them he might end up a flaming wreck. Like you I really responded to the story told, the predicament of the young men (and a few women) that the war placed them in. You can even make heavy tanks fly, but the following is about how to create an air-mech cavalry to support the main body–not make the main body fly. As his high school teacher, after catching Baumer sketching a Lark perched on the classroom window sill, observes, "You are a dreamer, Baumer." cotton trench coats short coats for ladies trench coat navy blue tan wool trench coat hooded womens trench coat mens slim fit black trench coat brown pea coat for women mens suede trench coat trench coat men slim fit hooded black trench coat white trench coat womens trench coat price corduroy coat rain trench coat women ladies long black trench coat ladies mac coat short womens trench coat navy blue trench male trench coat tall women trench coat navy spring coat trench pea coat cheap coat mens long black raincoat trench coat women short men long overcoat beige mac coat trench raincoats for men orange trench coat men trench men


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