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The suddenness of all this so early in the actions must have caused a certain amount of consternation with the men below. My considered opinion is that the Magazine crew would have heard the shell exploding in the turret, immediately followed by the cessation of supply, and the order to flood the magazine. Colliers and ammunition lighters came alongside and in less than twenty-four hours the Squadron was ready to put to sea. The hurry of closing and making watertight the four magazine doors, would in all probability, have caused the men to overlook the cartridges lying in the handing room, and if so these would also have exploded in the tremendous explosion that took place about twenty or thirty minutes later. He first told us that he had just returned from visiting the wounded and they were all very comfortable and cheerful. John returned home after the war, and the couple lived happily for many years in Saddleworth until John passed away about ten years ago. On the day following our return to Harbour, Admiral Beatty gave a most stirring address to all officers and men. The Captain read the service, (our Chaplain being amongst the dead), after which their bodies were committed to the deep. Luckily, the physical wounds were not as serious as anticipated – but it gave Mrs Hill the heart-breaking opportunity to inform Tom one of his brothers had been killed in action. During the night we pumped the water out of Q Magazine and attended to many things in readiness to meet the enemy again, and as I fervently hoped, add another glorious First of June to the annals of our Service. At the same time I had the feeling that, had the same method of ammunition supply in the turrets in operation at Jutland, as in the two previous actions in which the ship was engaged, then much more serious damage, if not complete destruction would have been sustained. A memorial service was held for Harry, who was a member of the Saddleworth National Reserve and the first member to be killed in combat, at Saddleworth Church. They were all carried reverently to the Quarter Deck, and in the afternoon, our Admiral, officers and men assembled to pay homage to their shipmates who had made the supreme sacrifice. During the forenoon I had to supervise the removal of the dead from Q turret handing room and the flat above. It happened that everything was quiet in the North Sea, and the opportunity was taken to remove our damaged turret for repairs. In making out my report at the Captain’s request, I wrote of what I had seen others doing, and left out myself and doings, as I considered I had only done my duty in the light of my twenty years experience as a Gunner. The seminar will be chaired by Associate Professor, Tracey Bunda, Coordinator of Teaching, Yunggorendi. Michael is currently involved in directing, screenwriting and cinematography on a variety of film projects with Aboriginal communities in South Australia and the Northern Territory. He then went on to say that despite our serious losses, the enemy had received far more at our hands than had been credited to us, a fact which was abundantly proved at a later date. To me the word “trench” logically brought up picture of dark places deep in the ocean filled with things with glowy eyes and whatnot. So I was looking for ocean trench pictures on DA to get a better idea of this dream memory I was getting (not gonna talk about that right now) I searched “trench” and got pictures of trench coats. We had occasional sweeps on the enemy coast, and also visited Scapa Flow where we had a great reception from the Grand Fleet as we steamed between the lines of ships. Orders were given that everyone had to remain at his station during the night, as it was expected that a night action might take place, and that at any rate we must be prepared to meet the enemy at dawn. Once captured, the islands of Saipan and Tinian were used extensively by the United States military as they finally put mainland Japan within round-trip range of American bombers. The entire turret was lifted out and the vacant place covered over with a steel plate, after which we returned to base. navy coat leopard print coat houndstooth coat best mens trench coats mens winter trench coats ladies coat pink coat long mens overcoat black trench coat for women khaki trench coat womens field coat womens coats on sale pea coat men funnel neck coat parka coat spring coat women long black mens coat brown wool coat mens raincoat trench petite womens trench coat brown leather long coat womans coats sherlock trench coat black pea coat classic trench coats for women leather trench coat for women mens long wool trench coat trench coat big and tall woolen trench coat men double breasted trench coat for men


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