childs trench coat

who have their guns built in next to the artillery and assume the mass of Blue-Grey troops have broken through. Whether he moves forward or hesitates in the moment when his life is at stake is almost wholly dependent on how wen he has been led. Schmidt, the artillery liaison officer hurries to the batteries and soon the heights are under accurate artillery fire. Some months we barely cleared that in revenue and if we did have anything left over it usually stayed in the business checking account as a buffer for any unforseen expenses. Ignoring their heavy losses the French continue to attack, reserves always coming up behind the fallen. braving enemy artillery and machine gun fire as they crossed the open ground and the Flügelwalde, which was under constant fire. It means reviewing every line item on your P & L (Profit and Loss) statement immediately after the bank statement has been reconciled because we all know that undoubtedly something will be revealed on the bank statement that did not get entered into the bookkeeping program. But if we continue to slight the importance of the human element, that becomes no more possible than it Mechanically the men operate the bolts of their rifles and to improve their morale they toss hand grenades into the advancing enemy. We realise what a victory we have achieved with few of our own losses while the enemy is bleeding from a thousand wounds. In order to review your P&L, the bank statement needs to be reconciled to your checking account as soon as it becomes available which is now only a day or two after the end of the month. The enemy attack seems to slow as the attackers, both wounded and unwounded, begin to stay back in the shell holes in no-man’s-land. Close combat has started, small groups fighting their way forward through the positions using hand grenades. As the prisoners scatter in all directions the M.G.S.S.A report to the rear that they have decimated an assault. The ability to command the loyalties of your men, to learn to think rapidly and resolutely in their behalf while teaching them to do likewise, and to strive always to avoid wasting their force and, energy so that it may be applied in strength at the vital time and place -that is leadership of the highest possible caliber. If you have time (and by now the energy) compare expenses for the last twelve months to see if there is an upward or downward (lucky you) trend in any of the expense categories. It becomes very easy for us to play with the idea that we can build superior military power out of superlatively good industrial power. The real stuff of fighting mobility is not to be found in the troop carrier, the airplane and the tank. on our left I am told that the enemy in front of their positions has been “wiped out”, I enquire to the right where the I.R. The development of tactical mobility is almost wholly in the realm of the human spirit, since battle remains the freest of all free enterprises. Up to the zone where men come under fire, ninety per cent of the problem of movement can be solved with the horsepower of our machines. Even in peace, it is the unremitting obligation of the Army to look toward the possibility of war; in so doing, no goal can be more worthy than to strive to give the combat soldier the finest starting chance. The enemy bombardment concentrates on the fourth line until mid afternoon then returns to our positions. Our machine guns take the Höhe under fire and I realise that I must let our artillery know of the events. skillfully fashioned military mechanism of all time; it was more than good enough to merit the continuing confidence of our people. trench fighting mariana s trench trench lines trenches of the world women overcoats british trench reserve trenches western front trenches what was life in the trenches like coat online womens coats for sale trench illnesses wwi trench foot ladies spring jacket ladies jacket with hood trench coart wwi life in the trenches trench fashion what was life like for soldiers in the trenches life in the trenches wwi trench hole ww trenches trench water trench coat shop diseases in the trenches soldiers in the trenches support trenches womens winter vest with hood life in the trench trenches ww2


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